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Making and opposing motions for summary disposition on serious impairment of body function

Michigan personal injury lawyer gives plaintiff and defense ideas for making and defending motions on “serious impairment” – in State Bar of Michigan Negligence Law Section Quarterly

Steve Gursten analyzes the controversial No-Fault Law, MCL 500.3135, in an article for all personal injury lawyers in Michigan. He says, “Several decisions seem to contradict each other and appellate analysis so far is probably more confusing than consistent while practitioners await final interpretation from the Michigan Supreme Court.”

Because all personal injury lawyers will most likely find themselves making and opposing motions for summary disposition, Gursten provides both sides with useful ideas when making and defending these motions on the issue of impairment.

Here’s the State Bar of Michigan Negligence Law Section Quartely article: Making and Opposing Motions for Summary Disposition on Serious Impairment of Body Function

Winter 2001

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