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Macomb County man run over by friend: $5.6 million verdict

Chrysler must pay jury verdict for personal injuries from pedestrian car accident – despite not being named as defendant

Michigan Lawyers Weekly covers Steven M. Gursten’s pedestrian car accident case that resulted in a $5.6 million verdict. In Broeren v. Bates, a man was run over by a friend’s pickup on a hunting trip and hurled into the wall of a cabin.

Broeren, an engineer, had several knee sugeries and traumatic brain injury from the accident. The jury alloted $2.75 million for pain and suffering (non-economic damages), $1.88 million for economic damages and $1.02 million for loss of consortium.

Here’s the Michigan Lawyers Weekly story: Man hurled into wall by friend in test pickup: $5.6 million Macomb County jury verdict

September 8, 2008

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