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IME doctor files complaint against attorney over blog

Michigan Lawyers Weekly: Attorney Discipline Board member Dr. Rosalind Griffin calls for removal of lawyer Steven Gursten’s post about doctors hired by insurance companies

Attorney Steven Gursten’s blog post aimed at shedding light on “enormous damage” caused by doctors hired by insurance companies has resulted in a complaint filed against him by a psychiatrist who sits on the Attorney Discipline Board. Michigan Lawyers Weekly investigated the issue, stating:

“Dr. Rosalind E. Griffin filed a request for investigation with the Attorney Grievance Commission against Steven M. Gursten of Michigan Auto Law for a November 2014 blog post in which he highlighted discrepancies between her recorded examination with his client and her ensuing report and testimony. His client, who was injured in an automobile accident, was awarded $3.5 million by a Jackson County jury in 2010.”

Gursten told the legal newspaper that the post isn’t coming down, as he wants the public to be aware of the problem of Independent Medical Examination (IME) doctors — hired by insurance companies — who examine automobile accident victims or those making workers’ compensation claims and discount their injuries, resulting in less compensation.

Here’s the full story in Michigan Lawyers Weekly: Doctor files complaint against attorney over blog.

And here’s a blog post with more information, including a copy of the grievance, the trial transcript of Gursten’s injured truck accident victim client and a video deposition between Gursten and Dr. Griffin: Sticks and stones and… attorney disbarment? Will the First Amendment lose out when IME doctor files grievance to conceal her testimony in injury case from the public?

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