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How attorneys can stop juror misconceptions from ruining good auto accident cases

Personal injury attorney Steve Gursten examines the psychological principles and implications of juror skepticism toward expert testimony, in Claims Magazine

Why are juries in auto accident cases leery of experts on the stand? Steve Gursten, who is recognized as one of the nations top personal injury attorneys, tells Claims Magazine. He also reviews the challenges that claims adjusters and lawyers face, as well as advice for fully vetting experts.

“The problem goes well beyond skepticism. How claim adjusters and lawyers look at experts versus how jurors look at them is completely different. Jurors do not wait until the close of all the evidence to start deciding which side in a case should win,” Gursten said. “… We have to understand that experts don’t matter to jurors in the way that we think they do.”

Read the full story in Claims Magazine here: With Steven M. Gursten, Attorney, Michigan Auto Law

January 2009

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