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Are driverlerless vehicles the answer to Michigan’s trucker shortage?

Truck accident attorney Steven Gursten tells Bridge Magazine there will be a shift to driverless trucks in the future

Amid the national truck driver shortage, and in Michigan where the economy is especially feeling the blow, industry insiders are predicting a shift from truck drivers to driverless trucks in the future.

Bridge Magazine looked into the possibility of self-driving trucks with Steven Gursten, a truck accident attorney of Michigan Auto Law.

Gursten told Bridge reporter Ted Roelofs that he sees an eventual “seismic” shift to driverless trucks.

Based on nearly 20 years in practice and 400 truck cases, many of which boil down to driver error, Gursten said:

“I wonder if it’s 10 years from now or 20 years. But there will be a seismic shift. The economic incentive is too powerful. We call them truck accidents, but they really are not. An accident kind of suggests it was an act of God and it was unavoidable and the reality is the exact opposite.”

You can read the full story in Bridge magazine here: Empty Cabs: Are driverless vehicles the answer to Michigan’s trucker shortage?

August 26, 2013

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