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Detroit Legal News: Michigan’s worst insurance companies must be questioned

Michigan Auto Law partner Steven Gursten’s editorial: What’s best for auto insurance industry is not what’s best for Michigan drivers

The Detroit Legal News has published an opinion editorial from Steven Gursten, auto accident attorney and personal injury lawyer. Steven has reviewed anti-consumer behavior from some of the worst auto insurance companies in Michigan. He also asked why these insurance companies should be allowed to push for changes to Michigan’s No-Fault law, that would leave auto accident victims lacking vital medical care and insurance benefits.

Said Gursten in the Detroit newspaper, “… no one is looking at the excesses and abuses taking place every day in Michigan, where insurance companies do not face bad faith laws, punitive damages, or accountability under the state’s consumer protection act for outrageous conduct.

“As an attorney with years of experience dealing with Michigan’s auto insurance companies, I know that putting blind faith in what the insurance industry says is best for Michigan drivers is a dangerous mistake.”

Here’s the full editorial in the Detroit Legal News: What’s best for Michigan insurance industry is not what’s best for drivers

May 23, 2011

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