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Can you be ticked for using an expired car seat in Michigan?

Michigan Auto Law attorney quoted in MLive on car seat safety and our state’s child restraint law

Todd C. Berg, an attorney at Michigan Auto Law, was interviewed by MLive Grand Rapids about how having an expired car seat can not only put your child in danger, but get parent drivers a ticket.

Most car seats expire six years after production. Michigan Auto Law posted a blog about the expired car seat issue in Michigan after a question from one of our readers.

Todd told MLive: “The idea is to get people’s mind and attention directed towards the most vulnerable and innocent passengers, which are children. There are always issues arising with children and their car seats, from placement to expiration. I think it’s just an opportunity for everyone to take a break from whatever they’re doing and make sure they’re as safe as possible.”

You can read the full article here: Traffic Talk quick hit: Can you be ticked for using an expired car seat in Michigan?

September 20, 2012


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