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Attorney Brandon Hewitt discusses distracted driving law on WZZM Grand Rapids

Brandon Hewitt explains that while a new distracted driving law is a good idea, it must have tougher penalties to make a difference

Michigan Auto Law attorney and COO Brandon Hewitt was featured on Grand Rapids news station WZZM on May 17 to offer an assessment of House Bill 4466, a distracted-driving bill.

Hewitt noted that while the proposed distracted driving law has good intentions, the penalties in any distracted driving law will need to be harsher for it to be effective:

“I commend what they’re trying to do, because I think that people are not taking distracted driving seriously. Everybody knows that it’s dangerous, and yet most people will admit to still doing it. Science is there to show that texting and driving, distracted driving is just as if not more dangerous than drinking and driving. But the penalties are not even close to the same.”

Under House Bill 4466, first-time offending distracted drivers would be fined $250; second-time or subsequent offenders would be slapped with $500 along with 1 point on their driving record; and third-time or subsequent offenders would be hit with 2 points.

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