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Auto attorney shares cutting-edge techniques to help lawyers win in Michigan

Steve Gursten of Michigan Auto Law says demonstrative evidence in personal injury lawsuits is highly effective

Auto attorney Steven M. Gursten shares his successful legal techniques for personal injury accident lawsuits with Michigan Lawyers Weekly. Gursten says he relies on demonstrative evidence in every car accident case: “It’s visual and it is powerful. Every case has something that can be presented through demonstrative evidence. It will increase the value of a case at every level, whether it be on the adjuster level for settlement, for case evaluation, or for trial.”

Referring to a case he settled involving a fractured arm without surgery, he said, without demonstrative evidence to “see” the severity of the fracture, many personal injury lawyers might guess and “average” fractured arm. This underestimates the value of the car accident case.

Here’s the Michigan Lawyers Weekly story: Cutting-edge legal techniques help leading auto attorneys win personal injury lawsuits

October 27, 2004

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