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Attorney Steven Gursten speaks on car wrecks caused by distracted driving

Steven Gursten led a webinar for injury lawyers on what to do when texting and driving distracted cause a crash

Michigan Auto Law attorney Steven Gursten led a national webinar on “Distracted Driving Accident Claims Involving Smart Phones: Pursuing or Defending Litigation.”

The Aug. 1, 2017, webinar, hosted by Strafford Publications, covered state and federal distracted driving laws, as well as:

  • How personal injury lawyers can use evidence of texting and distracted driving in civil cases, such as in the investigation and legal discovery phases of an auto accident lawsuit
  • Written discovery and depositions, and the overall impact such evidence can have for settlements and trial verdicts.
  • Vicarious liability of parents and employers, potential direct negligence claims against employers and how punitive damages may play into lawsuits.

Gursten has been a strong advocate for laws that will impose harsher penalties for distracted drivers, and has noted how texting and driving can be as dangerous as drinking and driving. In addition, Michigan Auto Law is in its second year of the Kelsey’s Law Scholarship: Stop Distracted Driving Contest, which awards scholarships to four Michigan high school students whose messages on curbing teen distracted driving are the most effective.

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