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Attorney Steven Gursten analyzes ‘Faults in No-Fault’ in Detroit Free Press article

Steven Gursten calls exploitation of No-Fault benefits a ‘Grand Canyon-sized loophole’ in No-Fault system, takes issue with D-Insurance plan

Michigan Auto Law attorney Steven Gursten was featured in the Detroit Free Press’ wide-ranging, three-part exposé of the state of Michigan’s No-Fault system.

In “The Faults in No-Fault,” the J.C. Rendel-penned story that ran May 7, 2017, Gursten said the abuses of the No-Fault system jeopardize help for truly injured people who need it. He noted that “the exploitation of no-fault benefits [is] a ‘Grand Canyon-sized loophole in our no-fault system’” that “imperil[s] the no-fault system for injured people who need it.”

In addition, Gursten said that abuse within the No-Fault insurance system has “create[d] an entire industry of provider lawyers and provider lawsuits where, unfortunately, with certain doctors and certain medical providers, there is an incentive to pad bills.”

And in terms of attorney solicitation, Gursten explained how “[a]ll of the other lawyers now see the incredible amounts of money that some bad actors are making, and it’s an incentive for more people to jump on the bandwagon with ever more billboards and ever more radio commercials.”

Also, in the “No-fault fixes? How other states reined in auto insurance costs” story, which published May 9, 2017, Gursten told Rendel that he is among those voicing opposition to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s controversial D-Insurance plan.

D-Insurance would offer motorists a choice in levels of no-fault coverage, but critics argued that plan would coerce Detroiters into buying “second-class” insurance that would prove insufficient after a serious accident.

“They’re going to blow through their personal savings, they’re going to get pushed onto Medicaid, and they’re probably going to end up declaring personal bankruptcy because of incredible medical debt,” Gursten told the Free Press. “Is that the system that we want?”

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