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Al Jazeera America: Attorney Steven Gursten on Detroit’s auto insurance crisis

Attorney Steven Gursten of Michigan Auto Law appeared as a legal expert on Al Jazeera America, for a story about Detroit’s auto insurance crisis:


More than half of Detroit residents are driving without car insurance because it’s too expensive in the city, which puts them at great risk of having no legal rights or No Fault insurance benefits if they’re ever in a crash. Gursten told Al Jazeera America that he also believes there’s an aspect of the issue that warrants more attention:

“I think it’s a civil rights issue. … In Michigan, we have credit-scoring which is legal and that really allows insurance companies to legally discriminate against the poor and charge much higher prices for auto insurance than [they would to] someone who has the exact same driving record, but doesn’t live in Detroit or that has a better credit score.”

You can find the story on Al Jazerra America, here:  “Driving in Detroit without insurance a common practice.”

October 28, 2015

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