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Most Dangerous Intersections in Michigan 2019

How often do you pass through one of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections? This page shares the intersections where the most car accidents occurred in Michigan in 2019. Whether driving through a busy suburb or down a quiet, rural road, intersections are inherently dangerous — and there are several dangerous intersections in Michigan.

In 2018, a third of all fatal crashes in Michigan occurred at intersections.

The intersection of 18 1/2 Mile Road @ Van Dyke Avenue in Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan ranked No. 1 on our list of the most dangerous intersections in Michigan, with 229 total car crashes in 2019.

Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections of 2019 by County and City

Use the search bar to filter, sort and search for results by city/township or county and see Michigan’s most dangerous intersections; Michigan intersections that had the most crashes, fatalities or injuries near you last year.

The table below is best displayed by turning the phone horizontally on mobile devices.

The list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections is the latest data available from 2018 on total crashes at intersections. “Intersection” is defined as any road with a traffic signal, four-way stop or roundabout. This also includes intersections near freeways (and their subsequent on-ramps off-ramps and service streets), divided highways and rural roads.

Staying a Step Ahead of These Intersections

We have found in reviewing these intersections that high-population areas combined with high speeds increase the risk of car crashes. While total car accidents is a good indicator of driver risk — especially vehicle damage — accidents involving injuries and fatalities remains a critical element in auto safety. This is why the list is crucial for educating drivers on the areas with the highest number overall accidents as well as injuries and fatalities.

Once you become aware of these intersections in your neighborhood or along your regular route, use caution going through these intersections. If you are involved in a car crash, review these Useful Car Accident Checklists, which includes safety steps every driver can take to protect themselves from future car accidents.

Michigan’s Most Dangerous Intersections 2019: Top 20 Listed

  1. 18 1/2 MILE RD @ VAN DYKE AVE, Sterling Heights, 229 Total Crashes, 14 Injuries
  2. SCHOOLCRAFT RD @ TELEGRAPH RD, Redford Twp, 210 Total Crashes, 41 Injuries
  3. ORCHARD LAKE RD @ 14 MILE RD, Farmington Hills/West Bloomfield, 178 Total Crashes, 22 Injuries
  4. M 5/MARTIN PKWY @ N PONTIAC TRAIL, Commerce Twp, 161 Total Crashes, 12 Injuries
  5. STATE RD @ ELLSWORTH RD, Pittsfield Twp/Ann Arbor, 154 Total Crashes, 8 Injuries
  6. 11 MILE RD/I 696 @ VAN DYKE AVE, Center Line, 129 Total Crashes, 31 Injuries
  7. TELEGRAPH RD @ 12 MILE RD, Southfield, 128 Total Crashes, 17 Injuries
  8. US 131 @ WEALTHY ST, Grand Rapids, 123 Total Crashes, 18 Injuries
  9. I 75 @ BIG BEAVER RD, Troy, 113 Total Crashes, 17 Injuries
  10. FORD RD @ HAGGERTY RD, Canton Twp, 101 Total Crashes, 35 Injuries
  11. HALL RD @ SCHOENHERR RD, Shelby Twp, 96 Total Crashes, 16 Injuries
  12. 23 MILE RD @ I 94, Chesterfield Twp, 94 Total Crashes, 24 Injuries
  13. 11 MILE RD @ GRATIOT AVE E, Roseville, 94 Total Crashes, 23 Injuries
  14. SOUTHFIELD RD @ W 11 MILE RD, Lathrup Village, 93 Total Crashes, 31 Injuries
  15. FORD RD @ MERCURY DR, Dearborn, 91 Total Crashes, 30 Injuries
  16. HALL RD @ ROMEO PLANK RD, Clinton Twp, 86 Total Crashes, 27 Injuries
  17. FORD RD @ LILLEY RD, Canton Twp, 80 Total Crashes, 20 Injuries
  18. DIXIE HWY @ I 75, Springfield Twp, 79 Total Crashes, 13 Injuries
  19. DIX AVE @ M 39, Lincoln Park, 78 Total Crashes, 18 Injuries
  20. TELEGRAPH RD @ SQUARE LAKE RD, Bloomfield Twp, 78 Total Crashes, 15 Injuries

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