I had never been through anything like this before. Lots of attorneys to choose from and I didn’t want to make a bad choice so I started researching. After reading hundreds of reviews I narrowed my search down to 3 attorney offices to represent me. The first one I met with was Michigan Auto Law. I never met with another. They were spot on with all my questions. They immediately set my mind at ease so I could concentrate on healing. They took over from there. My attorney is Rick Houghton and instantly we got along like lifetime friends. The guy never let me down. He answered calls and texts on weekends and after hours if I had questions, not just Monday through Friday bankers hours. He did everything he said he was going to do and never left me in the dark on anything. In the end he got me a higher settlement than I expected and I never had to enter a court room. I actually think of him as a friend now!! You won’t find a better person or attorney!!!

Kip Kidder, Marshall, MI