While traveling in the Midwest, I was rear ended on a Michigan Freeway. Myself and countless others were at a standstill in construction traffic. Upon the arrival of Law Enforcement, I was advised that the individual who hit me had no insurance and unbeknownst to me Michigan is a “No Fault State,” at the time and had no idea what this meant.

During the next several months I attempted to handle matters on my own with Doctors, X-Rays, MRI’s, Physical Therapy, Insurance, Bills, etc. Finally, it became apparent that even “I was out of my league” and needed legal assistance. Over the course of five months, I was highly referred to and represented by another Michigan Attorney, who shall remain nameless. This Attorney made countless promises and commitments, until I discovered he never followed through on filing even one piece of paperwork on my behalf. This inept Attorney was severely chastised & promptly dismissed.

At this point, I began doing internet research to find “the Best Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer.” The first firm that came up in my search was Michigan Auto Law. At 8:04 PM EST on a Tuesday evening I sent an email to Michigan Auto Law’s Attorney Steven Gursten. Very unexpectedly, I received a “personalized response,” from Attorney Gursten at 8:13 PM EST. Nine Minutes Later, Steven let me know he was in meetings all day on Wednesday; but he would have an Attorney from his firm call me the next day.

Odd but true, Attorney Jeff Bussell called and emailed me on Wednesday. Jeff Bussell and I exchanged over 50 emails between that Wednesday and Friday; doing my initial intake and contract for representation. Unfortunately, during this time I was apprised that my former Attorney was in fact so incompetent that we were approaching a Statute of Limitations to file any legal action. I’m sharing this very prompt and proficient interaction with Attorneys Gursten and Bussell, as this is not my over 40 personal years of experience with Attorneys within any area of expertise….No One ever responds to a prospective new client like this!!! NEVER!

Thank God Michigan Auto Law agreed to take my case and began their very hands on & caring representation. If I had stayed with the other Attorney, I could have easily lost all my rights and any ability to acquire several very expensive, yet vital surgeries and additional medical treatment.

There was also no choice, I had to have these procedures or I would be permanently & severely impaired for the rest of what would easily be a very miserable existence. Having to bear the cost of these surgeries alone would have financially destroyed our family forever.

Subsequently, I was provided with a Litigation Team headed up by Attorney Kevin Seiferheld. For the remainder of my case Kevin and his Assistant Elize took my calls, returned my emails and provided extremely sound advice from beginning to end. After it was all said and done “My Champion,” Kevin Seiferheld provided the utmost legal representation possible. There was never a time where I felt left in the dark or under educated in how my case was being handled. Never, was there one too many “Stupid Questions,” as I called them.

Kevin, Elize and their entire Team could not have been more accessible, efficient, genuine, understanding, patient, forthright or compassionate & empathetic to my injuries, never-ending physical/mental exhaustion, pain and multiple surgeries.

My case settled out of Court. My family and I could not be more grateful for Steven Gursten, Jeff Bussell, Alex Kemp and “Super Rock Stars” Kevin Seiferheld & Elize Vartanian Simon!!!! While closing out my “10 Star Review,” please know that I’m typically that person who leaves the “Bad, Horrific, Scathing, Negative 10 Star Review!” So, I encourage you to believe the words I impart as 100% truthful and heartfelt. Do not hesitate to hire this firm to represent and protect you, your health, your family and your rights.

Thank you Michigan Auto Law from the bottom of our hearts.

Skyler Stapleton, El Dorado, CA