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Michael R. Shaffer, attorney

Michael Shaffer is an auto accident attorney within the firm’s pre-litigation unit, where he helps injured clients collect their No-Fault benefits and protects their legal rights. Mike prepares new cases in their early stages to achieve the best possible results for his clients. He works diligently with auto accident victims by helping them navigate through complex and sometimes confusing insurance plans, to ensure they get all of the help they’re entitled under the Michigan No-Fault law.



Mr. Shaffer is a wonderful attorney. He will explain everything to you. He explained everything to me, my rights in an accident and the no fault laws. It was just comforting because me and my family knew someone was there to help us. When you are hurt, you don’t know what to do or what decisions to make. Mr. Shaffer not only informed me, but he gave me direction as to what would be most beneficial for me and my family. He was also always accessible. It was a blessing to find Michigan Auto Law. They helped me and my family with financial assistance. We did win our lawsuit. They helped us find peace.

Legal experience

Prior to joining Michigan Auto Law, Mike handled hundreds of civil litigation matters and several trials for two litigation firms in metro Detroit, Michigan.

Working with Mike Shaffer

Mike creates a strong foundation for his clients’ future success, so that if a lawsuit must be filed, the clients are in the best position as litigation commences. He works with insurance company adjusters to settle cases favorably in their early stages whenever possible. With a proven track record of success and client satisfaction, Michael has handled hundreds of car accident and truck accident cases throughout Michigan.


Wayne State University Law School

Michigan State University

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For more information on choosing the best lawyer, take a look at our Michigan Auto Law guarantee and our attorney evaluator. We also have a resource center that’s designed to answer all of your questions about hiring a lawyer after a car accident.

More Testimonials

I got referred to Michigan Auto Law by my dad, who was a client at the time. My attorney was Mike Shaffer. He was just awesome! He really took charge of my case. Mike made sure that I was getting my no fault benefits without hassle, even though I did not hire him for that. That was very impressive to me. My dad was certainly right to refer me to Michigan Auto Law. Thanks so much Mike!
I was in the hospital after an auto accident. My mom was researching law firms for me. She found Michigan Auto Law. I was so happy that she made that decision. Matt came to the rehab facility that I was located in after my accident. He explained the entire process for me. My attorney ended up being Mike Shaffer. Once I met my Mike, I felt very confident about him handling my case. He made sure everything was taken care of for me. I never really had to call and ask him anything. Mike answered questions that I never knew needed to be answered. He was on his game. There was no stone unturned. I am extremely happy with Mike and will be recommending any and everyone to Michigan Auto Law.
My experience with Michigan Auto Law and Mike Shaffer was simply great. He was extremely supportive of me the whole time. I consider him one of the nicest guys. Mike was always responsive and answered any of my concerns. I cannot say enough great things about him. He really took care of me in the best way possible.
Going with with Michigan Auto Law was by far the best decision I’ve made. They understood my case and updated me with every step they took. I’ve had an overall great experience with the firm and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need.
from Shelby Township
Michael Shaffer was very accessible to answer any questions that came up during our waiting period.
from Grosse Pointe Woods
This firm did a fantastic job of always keeping in contact with me. It was very impressive to get quick responses from Mike. I felt I had no worries. My case was handled very smoothly. I was able to focus on getting better, not my case, because it was handled with precision. I have already recommended a friend to this firm. I am very happy with settlement. They were able to get me more than I expected. Can't say enough good things about Michigan Auto Law.
from Detroit
I am not a person who has had a lot of experience with legal matters. That's got an upside and downside. In a no fault state like Michigan there's a definite downside. Someone like me needed a competent advocate. I found that in Michael Shaffer and Michigan Auto Law. I came to the process of defending my interests as an aggrieved party completely clueless. Mike provided more than the clues. He forged the successful legal solutions right through to the final settlement. Hooray! My interaction with Michael was great. He was knowledgeable, extremely thorough, and most important honest. The legal profession has its good guys and bad guys. Mike is one of the good guys. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike and his firm to anybody in need of legal counsel. You will not be disappointed. Robert Gochicoa
from Troy
In a traffic accident no being injured is confusing. Dealing with insurance companies on your well-being and property loss is very tedious. Attorney Mike Shaffer with Michigan Auto Law was a great help in our time of need. He explained the Michigan Auto No-Fault law on how it works and took the mystery out of the steps needed for me and my wife to follow to seek a stable outcome. Mike was prompt with his explanations and kept us informed all along the way. After the case was settled, Mike advised us that if we had any questions, issues, or concerns he would be glad to help us address them. I would highly recommend Mike and Michigan Auto Law to friends and family. Neal A. Hahka 5/2/2017
from Warren
from Spring Arbor
from Sterling Heights
Mike Shaffer helped my husband and I understand the No Fault insurance law that was afforded to my husband from a motorcycle accident. He made sure I understood the benefits that were available under the No Fault law. He helped as far as some guidance with the insurance company that we were working with for reimbursement to our medical benefits as well as what to do for the absence of power of attorney for consulting and advice in a time when it was all very confusing to me. Mike made all of this information more than understandable. He was very thorough and explained everything several times. He was looking out for our best interests throughout the case. Mike always reached out to us and if we needed to outreach to him he was always there. I was always sure he was working on my case. This was a very good experience from the home my husband was residing in as he was recovering from his motorcycle accident injuries all the way to the settlement at the Michigan Auto Law office when everyone was fine. Michigan Auto Law is truly a great company. We had a great relationship with Mike and that made all the difference.
from Sterling Heights
Everything that my attorney Mike said he was going to do, he did and he did it in a timely manner. My biggest concern was that he was going to follow through, and I got I wanted. I had a car accident where I was side swiped and spun around into the fire hydrant. It turned my life upside down with the back to back surgeries. Mike helped me with my settlement for my injuries. He was very informative and kept me updated through phone call or email on what was going on with the at fault drivers insurance company. He treated me with respect. I definitely had a great experience and I would recommend Mike Shaffer to anyone who is in this situation or who knows someone in this situation. He's fast and respectful and I couldn't have asked for more.
from Warren
Michigan Auto Law is a very professional law firm, and I don't see that in many places. I knew I needed a lawyer when I was hit by a commercial truck as I was driving on 15 mile road in my pickup truck. The truck driver was on his cell phone and never even slowed down. My truck accident lawyers were very understanding and caring and would recommend them to anyone. Mike Shaffer made me aware that State Farm insurance was not really my friend, and it was hard for me to swallow because I've had the same auto insurance company since I started driving. When I started to deal with State Farm, my insurance adjuster got belligerent and down right nasty. Michigan Auto Law then took hold. Mike wouldn't back down and neither would my other lawyer, Tom James. The way Tom handled himself was spectacular. For example, at the deposition, he didn't let the insurance company attorney badger me. He understood the emotional trauma I was experiencing from my accident and he kept the wolves at bay. I am happy with my settlement, but the money was never the issue. All I wanted my lawyers to do was take care of my medical bills, especially because my automobile insurance company treated me so badly.
I was in a car accident after another driver ran a red light and turned head on in front of me. It was a serious accident and I hurt my neck and back. My husband made the call to Michigan Auto Law for help. Mike Shaffer was the attorney helping us and we're so glad we found him. He's always very thorough and detail oriented. Mike explained a lot of the terminology that the other party was using so we could understand. He guided me in what documentation I needed to gather such as my medical records, so he could start my pain and suffering lawsuit and pursue my medical benefits from No fault. When there were any changes or updates, he would call me and let me know. Mike was always very friendly and compassionate, asking how I was feeling with genuine concern. The at fault party tried to draw out the case but Mike did everything to stay on top of it and keep the ball rolling. I know he put in a lot of time in fighting for me and I'm very appreciative.
from Port Huron
A really good working relationship full of communication
from Port Huron
I had a really great experience with Mike Shaffer. He's an excellent attorney. Always very helpful. Always there when I needed him and I never had to worry about any of the no fault insurance issues because I knew he would take care of them if I had any. It was a really good working relationship full of communication. Mike got me a fantastic settlement for my injuries. He worked hard with the insurance adjuster to make sure I got everything I was entitled to. He consulted me before the settlement was done and he wouldn't take less than what he thought it was worth.
from Birmingham
I was in a borrowed car and a man who ran red a red light hit me. Mike helped me through my lawsuit and while I was healing from my injury. When I first came to Michigan Auto Law, I was impressed that he walked me through the whole process step by step. He explains everything. He didn't say anything he can't deliver. I was prepared for everything.
from Fenton
Michigan Auto Law won my case for me. I was happy with the results. My attorney was great. Mike Shaffer. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would put him at a 27. He handled everything professionally. He kept on top of everything to make sure I was taken care of.
from Macomb Township
My wife and I were rear ended by a delivery truck. We chose Michigan Auto Law to represent us. We were first introduced to Mike Shaffer. Mike is very good attorney. He's nice, polite and helped us in the early stages in our lawsuit. Mike always insisted we tell the truth. That reinforced that all the lawyers at Michigan Auto Law are ethical. They had integrity and worked with integrity. Next was our lawyer and his paralegal Laurie. They too were very professional and helpful. Every time we needed to inquire about something, either one would be there to assists us and to move forward with us. They were very good in their explanations. They would explain the next step to our satisfaction. We could talk to them in confidence. We felt very comfortable working with all of our lawyers. Even the receptionists, Cindy Rae and Maureen, were so friendly and a great first point of contact for us to have during stressful times.
from Goodrich
I knew it would dealing with my insurance company would be difficult after I had my car accident and a friend told me about Mike Shaffer at Michigan Auto Law. Mike handled everything for my no fault benefits and suing for the third party case for pain and suffering. There were never any issues. He was the best attorney. Mike was very helpful and would answer our questions before we even had them. He went above and beyond helping me throughout my case. He provided anything we needed. I would absolutely refer Mike for any type of auto accident case. He gave me peace of mind.
from Grand Rapids
I got what I deserved for my car accident injuries thanks to Michigan Auto Law and my lawyer Mike Shaffer. Mike dealt with everything for me. He always offered the extra help and consultations at no extra charge. He had genuine interest in my well being and I liked that.
from Sterling Heights
From the first time I learned about Michigan Auto Law on your website, I called and spoke with Mike Shaffer. He was a wonderful lawyer. I broke my hand in a car accident and he helped me through everything with my No Fault case and took care of it all until settlement. When I called for status, he returned my calls or answered the phone. He accommodated my schedule and made himself available whenever I needed him. He walked me through step by step. I was ignorant to the laws and he explained everything to me and held my hand along the way. Mike helped me through a difficult time in my life and made it a great experience. My settlement came just in time for Christmas.
from Burton
Every time I called my lawyer Mike Shaffer if he wasn't in, I would get a call back in a matter of minutes. He's a real down to earth guy that is pretty much real approachable. You wouldn't think an attorney would be like that. It seems like there's a lot of terminology that a lot of lawyers use that you wouldn't understand but Mike makes it clear for everyone. He helped me understand what to expect in my lawsuit. After my car accident, I tried talking it out with the other guy and he kept hanging up in my face so I figured I would talk to a lawyer since I was injured and needed help with my medical bills. The settlement Mike got for me exceeded what I thought I was going to get by a lot. He goes above and beyond for his clients.
from Capac
My family and I were rear ended by a box truck at a stop light. My husband and my young daughter were both hurt. My husband was so injured that he couldn't work. We needed to find out what our rights were because we had never been involved in anything like this. I knew Michael Shaffer was a great car accident attorney from a friend of mine. It was a no brainer. From the beginning until now he walked us through everything step by step, evaluated everything, met with us, always called us back on the phone and guided us with what was going on. He's very supportive. Kevin Seiferheld also litigated our case. We liked Kevin a lot. He was very thorough and made us feel really at ease about everything that was going on. Very honest about everything. Both of these attorneys protected us all the way through. I'm extremely happy with my settlement. Between these two attorneys, we had no worries. They took care of everything for us.
from Capac
I was hurt in a serious truck accident, and as the breadwinner of my family, I wanted to make sure my family was taken care of. My injuries were so severe that it ended my career. My attorneys Kevin Seiferheld and Mike Shaffer were very assuring that the trucking company that caused the crash would be held responsible. Everybody who took care of our case at Michigan Auto Law was very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. All of the questions I had were answered. I felt at ease that they were taking care of me and my family. We got the best truck accident settlement we could possibly get.
from Capac
In working with Michigan Auto Law, I had no worries. A team of attorneys helped me and my family after a truck accident. Kevin Seiferheld, Mike Shaffer and Elize were always there. They were always very attentive and informative. They answered any questions I had immediately. The settlement they got me will help me recover and move forward in my future.
from Detroit
Michigan Auto Law handled my car accident case in a reasonable amount of time. I had two lawyers and Mike Shaffer was one of them. I liked them very much. They helped me with the insurance company as far as talking to them and getting the paperwork done. My life as it was before my car accident was taken from me because of my injuries. Mike helped get me a great settlement to take care of myself.
from Gladstone
My lawyer got me the best settlement he could do. His name is Mike Shaffer. I was in an auto accident and I broke my foot. Mike is just an all around nice person. I was very impressed. He is well spoken, sincere, he cared about my case. An overall good experience.
from Hazel Park
Mr. Shaffer is a wonderful attorney. He will explain everything to you. He explained everything to me, my rights in an accident and the no fault laws. It was just comforting because me and my family knew someone was there to help us. When you are hurt, you don't know what to do or what decisions to make. Mr. Shaffer not only informed me, but he gave me direction as to what would be most beneficial for me and my family. He was also always accessible. It was a blessing to find Michigan Auto Law. They helped me and my family with financial assistance. We did win our lawsuit. They helped us find peace.
from Clarkston
This firm is really on top of the game. I don't have to call a bunch of times to get results. Really reliable and they do everything for the client. Really really nice people. I was rear-ended at 40 miles an hour at a stop light and it ruined my well being for the rest of my life. My lawyer Mike Shaffer helped me get my medical care and took care of the insurance so I could get my no-fault benefits. He really simplified everything for me and eased my concerns.

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