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Our Ann Arbor lawyers help people seriously injured in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents throughout Michigan. We have been serving auto accident victims in metro Detroit for more than 60 years.

We understand that personal injury can be a serious, life-altering event whether you were in a car crash on Huron Parkway, hit by a truck on US 23, or in a motorcycle accident riding through busy Main Street. That’s why our attorneys work hard to protect your legal rights and give you the care, dedication and respect you deserve.

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If you have questions about no-fault benefits, car accident claims or your auto insurance policy, call one of our lawyers at (800) 777-0028. You can also use our confidential free consultation form. There is no cost or obligation. We can help you navigate through complicated auto insurance plans and won’t let your insurance company take advantage of you.

Our Settlements and Verdicts

Michigan Auto Law once again recovered the highest reported car accident verdict and truck accident verdict in Michigan for 2012, according to the Michigan Lawyers Weekly year-end list of the top reported verdicts and settlements. We are also proud to have recovered the top reported auto settlement in 2012 for a pedestrian car accident.

An auto accident settlement for one of our clients has made the Michigan Lawyers Weekly list of top reported settlements in Michigan for 16 consecutive years. This record surpasses any other personal injury law firm in Michigan.

The following testimonial is from a satisfied local client about their auto accident case:

“I was cut off when I was riding my motorcycle on Plymouth and Green in Ann Arbor. My upper arm was shattered, my wrist was broken and I had a brain injury and short-term memory loss to deal with. In rehabilitation following two surgeries, I was distraught and confused; and a volunteer told me Michigan Auto Law is the best law firm by far for motorcycle accident cases. I called and talked with Steve Gursten personally. I liked his demeanor and I felt comfortable with him. From there, the service I was provided was outstanding! My point of contact lawyer was Brandon Hewitt and it’s necessary for me to single him out. His professionalism and sincerity was top-notch… I was very impressed with Brandon, who settled my lawsuit with very favorable results.”

Hal Baxendale — Ann Arbor

You can read more testimonials from real clients we have helped by visiting our Ann Arbor Auto Accident Testimonials page.

Car Accident Resources

Our attorneys are frequently asked how drivers can protect themselves both before and after an auto accident. Some common questions include:

  1. How do I deal with my car insurance company?
  2. How can I make sure I am fully protected with my insurance coverage?
  3. What do I need to do after a car accident?
  4. How do Michigan’s No Fault laws affect me?

To assist victims, Michigan Auto Law has created an online Michigan Car Accident Resource Center to protect local drivers and answer these questions.

Truck Accident Resources

There are significant differences that separate truck accident cases from other types of Michigan car accident cases. The Michigan Truck Accident Resource Center provides key information for victims including finding the right lawyer and why these cases are so unique.

Motorcycle Accident Resources

A person riding on a motorcycle is 18 times more likely to be killed in an accident than someone who is driving a car. Visit the Michigan Motorcycle Accident Resource Center to learn how Michigan’s No-Fault Law applies to a motorcyclist.

Ann Arbor Michigan High Crash Intersections

Would you be surprised to learn that the intersection of Ellsworth and State Street had the most car accidents in 2016? Discover the latest local crash data on intersections in your area.

Ann Arbor Local Resources

Have you been in an accident around the Washtenaw County area? Here is a handy list of resources including police, fire, hospitals and courts to assist local residents.

Need more local information on another city? The Local Resources Guide for Michigan Car Accidents provides access to information for every major city in Michigan.

If you or someone you know has recently been injured in an auto accident around this area, call our lawyers at (800) 777-0028 or fill out our free consultation form.

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The best at handling catastrophic auto cases
My husband was in a car accident and he was smashed pretty bad in a head on collision. He spent months in the hospital. We didn't need just any lawyer. We needed attorneys who specialized in catastrophic auto lawsuits. So we did some research and we found out that Michigan Auto Law was the best at handling catastrophic auto cases. In our case, the insurance company never made a real offer, so we had to go to trial. Steven Gursten and Tom James were our trial lawyers. They explained things very well to us. They didn't want the insurance company taking advantage of us so they fought for us in trial. They were very personal. They made a lot of calls and explained each step along the way very well: what our options were, where we were at in the trial... they kept us abreast of everything. Even though we were in a different city, it still felt like we had a local attorney, because they made house calls due to my husband's disability from the crash. We felt like Steve and Tom were our friends because they were so kind and made us such a huge priority. We are very happy with the trial results they were able to get for us in a timely fashion. The great trial results have given closure in my husband's healing process. I'd also like to give thanks to their paralegal Laurie Chase. She helped us on a daily basis. She was calming and just awesome. I can't say enough about Michigan Auto Law and the professionalism of this law firm.
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By , Lansing August 20, 0013
Nobody has more passion and knowledge about Michigan auto laws
Steve Gursten and Tom James are the best of the best truck accident lawyers. Nobody has more passion and knowledge about Michigan auto laws, and this is exactly what I needed after I was injured in a truck accident. Combine that with compassion for their clients and ability in the courtroom, and they are unbeatable. Steve and Tom make you feel like a member of their families, which you are during a trial. As far as I'm concerned, they did what my wife and I thought was impossible. They found and won a record judgment in a county not known for large judgments - Jackson County. Thanks again to Steve Gursten, Tom, Larry, Elize, Laurie and all the rest of the staff of Michigan Auto Law, who had a part in this great victory. Thank you very much, Jim and Kim Fairley.
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By , Jackson
The settlement gave my family and I financial certainty
I wanted legal assistance because after my car accident, I didn't know if I would be able to go back to work. The vehicle that hit me had no insurance coverage at all and I was really worried. I wanted help with both the medical end of it and the legal end of it. My attorneys were able to explain the rights I had under my own policy as well as the way the state insurance laws are written. Michigan Auto Law only handles auto accident injuries so they were the best to represent me. The staff and attorneys here were very helpful in the entire process dealing with the no fault insurer and explaining the legal process as we went through step by step. I was fortunate to have been represented by Larry Gursten and Kevin Seiferheld. The settlement we received because of the work of the firm gave my family and I financial certainty despite my injuries.
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By , Brighton September 05, 0013
You are never a number, a car crash or just a name
My attorney Larry Gursten treated me like a daughter and he fought for me like I was his daughter. He never gave up - he just wouldn't quit. I had my doubts in the beginning about the whole lawsuit process - nothing ever goes my way. But these lawyers are smart and work hard and the results in my settlement were better than expected. Now I just bought my house and paid for it in cash. I would recommend Michigan Auto Law to anyone. The whole clan is wonderful, from the front desk to the attorneys court room. You are never a number, a car crash or just a name. They really care and they are always working for you.
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By , Ypsilanti
Tom worked very hard to get me a settlement I'm happy with after a truck tire hit my car
I was driving and the wheel came off another driver's car and struck my car. It wasn't just any tire, it was a commercial truck tire. I felt like my injuries were significant enough that I was due some compensation for it. I decided to hire Michigan Auto Law because of their large presence on the Internet. They looked like a solid company and they only deal with car and truck accidents, so I liked that. Tom James was a very helpful attorney. He worked very hard to get me a settlement that I'm happy with. Tom and his team, his paralegal Michele and his secretary Robin, were always there when I needed something or had a question. I also had faith that Tom had full knowledge of the auto accident laws and in the way he litigated my case. The way he explained the auto laws and what to expect in my case was also thorough and understandable. This was a stress-free experience and I highly recommend Tom and his team at Michigan Auto Law.
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By , Chelsea July 17, 0015
Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 66 reviews
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