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Amy L. Gubesch, attorney

Amy L. Gubesch sets the foundation for successful cases through detailed discovery, case evaluation, medical record reviews and research. Amy is known for working closely with her clients, and supporting them throughout the often difficult stages of litigation.

Client Testimonials

The emotional support was the biggest thing
By , Flint October 17, 2014
I was in a rear end accident in October. I was waiting at a red light when a young lady failed to stop at a stop sign and hit the back of my car. It seemed like I hurt everything - my neck, my back, my hips, my knee. You name it, it was there. I called Michigan Auto Law for assistance with my case and to help hold the other driver responsible for what she did to me. I love this law firm. It was a positive experience all the through because the people that helped me - which were attorneys Kevin, Amy and Josh - were awesome. They explained everything to me as far as what I needed to know in detail, what documents I needed to bring, and they were just there with me along the way. Amy was the emotional part as far as having an ear that you can talk to about every single thing. I know she relayed the information to Kevin and Josh to pertain to what we needed to do, and they understood me too. Kevin put it out there, and I loved his honesty. I knew he had my best interests at heart and wasn't going to let me down. I'm extremely happy with my settlement. Yes, people always need the monetary end of the case, but for me the emotional support and knowing my lawyers supported me in moving forward in my life so I can take care of my family was the biggest thing. Now I have closure to get myself where I need to be and get my son ready for college.
Kevin took great care of me - and my entire family
By , Detroit June 23, 2014
Kevin was a great attorney. He helped me after my car accident. I knew he would take care of me because Kevin has represented numerous family members. He's a good guy. Very professional. If you have any questions, he's always there to answer them for you, along with Amy. She was also a fantastic attorney. Kevin and Amy got me the highest settlement possible and I'm happy with the way they fought for me. I would trust Kevin to take care of any my legal needs - and any legal needs of my loved ones for that matter. He has helped my family for years.
Kevin does this every day for a living, so we trusted him
By , Midland May 29, 2014
A truck ran a stop sign and hit my car. My heel was totally shattered and I had to have a plate and screws put in. I was wheelchair bound and couldn't work and I was advised to get an attorney because we were getting calls from the truck company's insurance company. My colleagues highly recommended Michigan Auto Law. Whenever I called the receptionist was warm and pleasant. My attorney's secretary Elize was also very warm and helpful. I think she's a great asset to the company. And my attorney Kevin answered all of my questions on my level because I don't know all of the attorney jargon. The accident was in Bay County and Kevin always came to us and made it convenient for us. We decided to settle the case. Kevin does this every day for a living so we trusted him. Kevin got us a settlement we're very happy with. Our other attorney Amy was extremely helpful in filling me in with the details of the case. The team took good care of me throughout my lawsuit so I could heal from my injuries.
A great team of smart, patient litigators
By , Carleton December 10, 2013
There are wonderful people at Michigan Auto Law. They worked hard for me after I was hurt in a car accident. Kevin and Amy were exceptional lawyers. Their legal assistant Elize was absolutely awesome. Every time I called, they called me right back. Never went a day without a call back. Kevin is a really patient, smart litigator. My case settled just before trial. What I'm impressed with more than anything is it was against one of the largest and most unreasonable insurance companies that rarely settles. But Kevin and his team were able to settle my case for a pretty amazing figure. Kevin was so impressive in the depositions that the insurance company knew they were going to get their (you know what) kicked! I also want to note that where people fail is they don't hire firms that specialize in serious auto cases and that have to real expertise necessary for complex cases like mine. Michigan Auto Law has the resources, experience and expertise. All they do is car accidents. So if they have to take a case to court because the insurance company is not cooperating, it's not a problem. That's what people in accidents have to understand. I would refer Kevin and Michigan Auto Law to everybody that I come across that had some kind of form of an accident.
Michigan Auto Law specializes in traumatic brain injury and they care
By , Gobels October 23, 2013
My husband was hit from behind by a drunk driver doing well over 100 miles per hour. My husband's life will never be the same from his injuries, specifically his traumatic brain injuries. I knew I had to find an attorney who knows what they're doing and that's why I chose Michigan Auto Law. I could see their clients are happy and that they specialize in traumatic brain injury. I found they care at Michigan Auto Law. My attorneys have been engaged in every step of the process. Our attorneys Kevin and Amy are a compassionate team. Everybody that we worked with Jeff, Joshua, Amy and Kevin and Elize. They are very helpful and professional. My husband and I were very happy with them, especially not knowing how such a lawsuit would work out. When it's all said and done, I couldn't have asked for more. We are very satisfied.
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Legal experience

Amy has 20 years experience handling auto negligence, medical malpractice and employment discrimination cases on behalf of plaintiffs. Previously, Amy was an attorney for:

  • Garlington & Associates, Wyoming, MI
  • Rohl & Associates, Novi, MI
  • Law Offices of Scott E. Combs, Novi, MI

Working with Amy

Because Amy has been working with plaintiffs for two decades and understands their concerns, she has an easy-going, cordial manner that puts Michigan Auto Law clients at ease as they are experiencing the often tumultuous period following serious auto accidents. Amy’s top priority is helping auto accident victims obtain their No-Fault insurance benefits — and the best possible results for their car accident and truck accident cases.


Wayne State University Law School

Adrian College, graduated with honors

Memberships and affiliations

  • American Association for Justice
  • Michigan Association for Justice
  • Oakland County Bar Association

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