Disrupting Data Injustice With Renée Cummings

AI is becoming part of everyday life, but at what cost? Michigan Auto Law and LaFleur Marketing hosted a discussion titled Disrupting Data Injustice where AI ethicist and criminologist Renee Cummings explored data injustice and artificial intelligence within our current digital landscape on February 16, 2023.

Disrupting Data Injustice

Today, companies, government agencies, and other community stakeholders are relying on predictive analytics and algorithms when they make decisions and create policies. But when healthcare providers, insurance adjusters, banks, and law enforcement agencies gain efficiency from AI, are they denying people the opportunities and help they deserve?

We’ve got to ensure algorithms are not eliminating people from receiving opportunities, resources and the access they need to thrive. If people are becoming lost in the data, then we are undermining a resilient, sustainable AI future.”

-Renée Cummings 

The Disrupting Data Injustice event explored AI’s potential and challenges, offering insight and asking difficult questions. If you were unable to attend in person or want to rewatch the presentation and discussion, you can watch the video below.

About Renée Cummings

International data justice expert and AI ethicist Renée Cummings specializes in AI accountability, bias, ethics, and diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence. She believes that people need to understand how AI might affect their lives and advocates for the involvement of underrepresented communities in the design, development, and deployment of AI. 


She is the data science professor of practice at The University of Virginia, non-resident senior fellow at The Brookings Institution, and community scholar in artificial intelligence and criminal justice at Columbia University. 

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When asked about the Disrupting Data Injustice event Attorney Steven Gursten commented “Renée Cummings’ work is in line with our values. We’re committed to educating our community about their rights and responsibilities—and this includes learning how AI and data work. When people are informed, they are empowered and can help build a more equitable society.”

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