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Worst Auto Insurance Companies: Dairyland

Worst Insurance Company in Michigan Award

I’ve seen a lot of dirty tricks pulled by Michigan auto insurance companies over the years, but what Dairyland Insurance did to a group of unsuspecting accident victims tops my list of the worst auto insurance companies. I’ve never seen an auto insurance company send a legal release to its own injured customers that extinguishes all of their legal rights and claims SEVEN days after a car accident.

This happened in one of our cases, and the unsuspecting auto accident victims signed the release their own adjuster sent to them, not understanding they were giving up all of their rights to No-Fault insurance benefits including medical treatment and wage loss.

Who would even think doing this to their own customers in order to avoid the responsibility of paying insurance benefits?

Here’s the story: Three people were injured in a car accident on March 1. They contacted their insurance company, Dairyland. On March 8, Dairyland sent a document to the injured people, releasing them of all of their Michigan No-Fault insurance claims – including the right to future No-Fault insurance benefits. Again, this was a legal contract that extinguishes all future rights and claims. And it was sent within a week of the car accident. People usually don’t even get an application for benefits within seven days of contacting their own insurance companies …

As an attorney, I’ve helped hundreds of people injured in auto accidents; and the other 17 lawyers at Michigan Auto Law have probably helped thousands. None of our lawyers – who handle serious auto accident cases day in and day out – have ever seen an insurance company send a full release to its own customers within days of a crash.

The lesson people can take away from Dairyland

This is a perfect example of how important it is to always consult an attorney before signing ANY document or release after a car accident. A good injury lawyer will not charge you to answer a few questions, so it’s best to call instead of making a serious mistake.

What Dairyland Insurance company did in this case is the most predatory thing I have ever seen an insurance company pull on its own customers. And I’ve seen a lot. If these Dairyland insurance customers now need lost wages, or medical treatment or an expensive surgery, this release arguably completely absolves Dairyland of any responsibility to provide the benefits that by Michigan law, it must provide.

Please don’t let this happen to you.

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