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Medical Care

The “independent” medical exam (IME) and how it can devastate accident victims

Sadly, insurance doctors have the auto insurance companies’ bottom line in mind — not your recovery

It’s common practice for insurance claims adjusters to send injured auto accident victims for a “second opinion” exam by an “independent” doctor. This is called an IME, which stands for insurance medical exam, or independent medical exam.

These “independent” doctors are selected by a claims adjuster or an insurance company defense attorney, and they are paid a lot of money to find “nothing wrong” with seriously injured people. If you’ve been told to see an IME, call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028. We can make sure your legal rights are protected.

What the “independent medical exam” is really all about

The doctors who perform these 10- to 15-minute, one-time exams at the behest of insurance companies do some outrageous and dishonest things that cause innocent accident victims to have their No-Fault benefits delayed, denied or stopped for no good reason.

Why do they do this? These insurance doctors are more concerned with insurance company profits than your health and recovery after an auto accident. If your insurance company does not have to pay for your medical expenses and the rest of your No-Fault benefits, than it can save lots of money.

Aside from being unethical and unfair, these exams are usually intimidating for car accident victims. The insurance doctors are often unkind, rushed and have many video cameras, even in the exam room. People with very serious injuries may be incorrectly told they are not injured, which can be upsetting, confusing and insulting.

Meanwhile, auto insurance companies in Michigan will hire the same notorious doctors. Many of these insurance doctors are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year finding “nothing wrong” with people. Instead of using their knowledge and expertise to heal and treat, these doctors have devoted their professional lives to helping insurance companies get even richer.

How you can protect yourself from insurance company abuse at the hands of IMEs

If you’ve been asked to attend an insurance medical exam, you are required to go by law. But it’s best to first speak with a car accident lawyer, who can brief you on what to expect, and how these insurance doctors could hurt you.

Call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028 to speak with one of our car accident lawyers at no charge. Or fill out our free consultation form. We can protect you from insurance company abuse, and make sure you get the proper medical care.