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Most Dangerous Intersections in Livingston County and Brighton in 2019

June 24, 2020 by Steven M. Gursten

Our attorneys share the list of the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Livingston County and Brighton based on Michigan State Police car accident report data for 2019 so local drivers can use extra caution when they’re traveling through these areas.

This annual list of the most dangerous intersections in Livingston County and Brighton is provided by our Brighton, Michigan car accident lawyers to help keep Michigan drivers safe.

Interchanges are dangerous. In 2018, 28.2% of all fatal car accidents in Michigan occurred at intersections. (Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, “2018 Quick Facts”)

But these Livingston County and Brighton interchanges are even more dangerous.

Our list of the most dangerous intersections in Livingston County and Brighton reflects the latest traffic accident report data available from 2019 on the top 10 interchanges with the highest number of traffic accidents reported. Our attorneys would like to thank the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit for helping us to provide the car accident report data that we use to identify the most dangerous intersections in Livingston County and Brighton. The underlying car accident report data analysis is compiled using traffic accident reports filed by local law enforcement and police departments throughout Michigan.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Livingston County and Brighton in 2019

  1. GRAND RIVER AVE @ I 96, Brighton, 73 Total Crashes, 7 Injuries
  2. LEE RD @ WHITMORE LAKE RD (WEST OF US 23), Green Oak Twp, 63 Total Crashes, 1 Injury
  3. HIGHLAND RD @ US 23, Hartland Twp, 56 Total Crashes, 3 Injuries
  4. US 23 @ 9 MILE RD, Green Oak Twp, 54 Total Crashes, 10 Injuries
  5. GRAND RIVER RD @ S LATSON RD, Genoa Twp, 52 Total Crashes, 5 Injuries
  6. CHALLIS RD N @ CINEMA DR, Brighton, 38 Total Crashes, 7 Injuries
  7. HIGHLAND RD @ N LATSON RD, Oceola Twp, 30 Total Crashes, 15 Injuries
  8. GRAND RIVER AVE @ WHITMORE LAKE RD, Brighton Twp, 30 Total Crashes, 5 Injuries
  9. HIGHLAND RD @ N MICHIGAN AVE E, Howell, 28 Total Crashes, 10 Injuries
  10. HIGHLAND RD @ N OLD US 23, Hartland Twp, 21 Total Crashes, 5 Injuries

Source: Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit (Note: “Intersection” is defined as any road with a traffic signal, four-way stop or roundabout. The numbers include any traffic accident reported that occurred within 250 feet of an interchange, including turnarounds and on/off ramps to highways.)

More information on the Top 2 Most Dangerous Intersections In Livingston County and Brighton 2019

No. 1: Grand River Ave and I 96, Brighton

Retaining its No. 1 spot on the list of most dangerous intersections in Livingston County and Brighton for the fourth straight year is a busy interchange with heavy traffic from numerous retailers. There has been a reduction in traffic accidents over the past four years and reported injuries decreased significantly from 19 in 2018 to just 7 in 2019. Several other areas on the list, which are on either side of this interchange, had a significant amount of traffic accidents as well. Please stay alert in this busy area.

No. 2: Lee Road and Whitmore Lake Road/US 23, Green Oak Township

With two roundabouts right next to each other, the number of total car crashes was consolidated for this interchange in Livingston County and Brighton since drivers go through both when entering and exiting US 23. Due to a history of car accidents at the roundabout on Whitmore Lake Road, the Livingston County Road Commission in 2019 made several changes including removing one of the three lanes to reduce car crashes and conflict points. This construction likely contributed to a hopefully temporary uptick in auto accidents from 49 in 2018 to 63 in 2019.

To see a map of all existing and proposed roundabouts in the state visit the Michigan Roundabout Resource Center.

Data for other Michigan cities and counties

As we see from years of data analysis on Michigan traffic accidents, interchanges with heavy traffic near freeways or retail businesses continually show up on these high car crash lists.

Visit our Michigan Dangerous Intersections page for a complete list of interchange car crashes that can be searched by any Michigan city or county.

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