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Car accident injury settlement amounts: More than $6 million in 3 months

October 29, 2019 by Steven M. Gursten

Car Accident Injury Settlement Amounts: Over $6 Million In Last 3 Months

Michigan Auto Law’s attorneys specialize in helping people who have been seriously injured in car accidents, and our most recent quarter of car accident injury settlement amounts from July, August and September reflects this.

In just the last 3 months, our experienced auto accident attorneys have recovered more than $6 million for our injured clients from car accident settlements, including 14 separate car accident injury settlement amounts that have exceeded $250,000. I’ve included some additional interesting information on three of these settlement results below.

$750,000 for TBI car accident

In a rear-end car crash that resulted in a traumatic brain injury lawsuit being filed in Wexford County, Michigan, our attorneys secured a car accident injury settlement amount of $750,000. In addition to suffering a TBI, our client suffered 2 herniated cervical discs, bilateral hand injuries, and an elbow injury.

This case is instructive for several reasons. Most insurance companies undervalue brain injury cases. Also Wexford County and the area around Cadillac, Michigan, is generally considered a more conservative and defense-oriented venue.

The keys to success in this case were that our attorneys have already had notable previous success in the Cadillac area. I’ve had a jury verdict nearby that was 10x the offer before trial and Jeff Feldman and Leonard Koltonow had one of the largest car accident settlements reported in Michigan there as well. I

n addition, properly documenting the TBI with specialists in an area where sometimes brain injury symptoms are often missed, or where treatment can be more difficult to receive, was also important to defeating the defense claims that there was no traumatic brain injury caused by this car accident.

$657,000 for car accident involving brain injury and multiple surgeries

This is a case that was referred to me by another Michigan personal injury attorney. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal fractures requiring open reduction internal fixation surgeries, a splenic artery embolization, 7 fractured ribs and eye injuries requiring surgery as a result of a rear-end car accident caused by a semi-truck.

The car accident injury settlement amount our attorneys successfully obtained was a $657,247 arbitration verdict on our client’s pain and suffering damages claim, which had been filed in Macomb County Circuit Court.

What makes this case interesting and notable is that this case involved two people who were both badly injured in the crash. The defendant’s policy limit had to be divided between the two people who were injured in the crash. One of those people was represented by a separate law firm and his attorney was demanding nearly all of the defendant’s insurance money for his client. The arbitration award gave the vast majority of the money to our firm’s client based on how his injuries were documented and presented over the course of the hearing. This case is a very good example of what can happen when the injuries to a person, or in this case, to two different people injured in the same car accident, are worth more than the insurance policy limits of the negligent driver. Please see below on what steps you can take to properly protect yourself by having underinsured motorist coverage.

$650,000 for wrong way/head-on car accident

This is an interesting case that was referred to me by a Pennsylvania attorney after he was unable to settle the case on his own. Our client’s left femur was shattered in a head-on car accident caused by a driver driving the wrong way on I-75 near Kochville Road. The fractured femur required surgery. Additionally, our client suffered ruptured tendons in both knees. Our attorneys obtained a car accident injury settlement amount of $650,000 for his pain and suffering claim, which had been filed in Saginaw County Circuit Court.

To learn more about Michigan Auto Law’s “Record of Car Accident Injury Settlement Amounts” click here. Have you been in a car accident in Michigan? Have you wondered how much your case is worth? Find out by using our car accident settlement calculator.

Michigan Auto Law car accident injury settlement amounts: The importance of having proper insurance coverage

No one wants to think they might one day be injured in a car accident, but disaster can strike and it’s best to be properly protected.

An important form of protection that our attorneys strongly recommend everyone consider purchasing is underinsured motorist coverage, which protects you and your family if you’re injured in a car accident that was caused by an at-fault driver who carried the minimum liability coverage required by law.

Far too many of these car accident injury settlement amounts we reported above were affected by low and clearly inadequate insurance policy limits covering the car or truck that caused the crashes. Unfortunately, after doing an investigation of underlying assets and collectability and whether there are any other possible insurance policies that may apply, there are far too many cases where our attorneys simply can’t recover any more money for the people or for the families of the people we help. Many of the car accident injury settlement amounts above were artificially kept lower than the full measure of the harms and losses suffered by our clients because of inadequate policy limits and the lack of additional assets.

Please ask one of our experienced auto accident attorneys or your own insurance agent about purchasing underinsured motorist coverage for you and your family. For more information, please order your FREE copy of our book, “How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

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