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Attorney Carl Collins III indicted on tax fraud charges . . . what happens to the “855-CAR-HIT-U” clients?

October 11, 2019 by Steven M. Gursten

Attorney Carl Collins III Indicted: What About Car-Hit-U Clients?

Federal tax fraud charges against attorney Carl Collins III and the 855-Car-Hit-U law firm leaves his clients adrift; gives black eye to all honest and ethical injury attorneys

Attorney Carl Collins III, the now infamous personal injury lawyer from Metro Detroit, has been indicted for tax fraud.

For the attorney whose slogan “855-Car-Hit-U” appears on billboards nearly everywhere in the Detroit area, these criminal charges are going to be a humiliating loss for attorney Carl Collins III, for his law firm, and for hundreds of innocent clients of the law firm who put their trust in him to represent them.

IMPORTANT: You are under no obligation to keep your lawyer if you have lost faith in his or her judgment, abilities or ethics. You can transition to a new lawyer whom you trust. It is a easy to do and Michigan Auto Law has a proven lawyer transition plan.

The Detroit grand jury’s indictment against attorney Carl Collins III charges him with the following criminal offenses, according to the Justice Department’s press release:

  • “Tax evasion, filing two false tax returns and seven counts of willfully failing to file individual and corporate tax returns . . .”
  • “The indictment charges that Collins filed a tax return for 2012 with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which failed to report approximately $550,000 in income. Collins allegedly deposited most of this unreported income into an attorney trust account, which he failed to disclose to the Michigan State Bar Foundation and his tax return preparer.”
  • “The indictment further alleges that Collins evaded personal income taxes for 2015 by depositing approximately $580,000 of income into his undisclosed attorney trust account and using much of the money to purchase real estate.”
  • “The indictment also charges that, in 2017, Collins filed a false delinquent tax return for 2015.”
  • “The indictment further alleges that Collins willfully failed to timely file tax returns for several years for both himself and [two medical corporations he owned]. Specifically, attorney Carl Collins III failed to timely file his individual tax returns for 2013 through 2015, corporate income tax returns for Alpha Living LLC for 2013 through 2015, and corporate income tax returns for MedCity Rehabilitation Services LLC for 2013.”

I don’t feel bad for attorney Carl Collins III. What Collins is alleged to have done is criminal, shameful and inexcusable and it gives all of the hard-working, ethical attorneys in Michigan a black eye.

I do feel badly for his clients, many of whom did nothing wrong other than hire the wrong lawyer. The clients will almost certainly pay a steep price as the settlement values of their car accident cases with this law firm take a significant hit.

Based on the seriousness of the criminal charges leveled against Collins, his clients may have a lawyer who will not only lose his license to practice law, but who may be facing prison time as well. The DOJ’s press release stated that attorney Carl Collins III faces prison sentences of five years, three years, and one year for tax evasion, each count of filing a false tax return and for each count of failure to file, respectively.

If you are one of the clients of attorney Carl Collins III and 855-Car-Hit-U who is affected by this federal indictment, then you are probably wondering what to do next. In this article I will explain exactly what options you have as a client of attorney Carl Collins III and 855-Car-Hit-U.

What can you do if you are a client of attorney Carl Collins III and the 855-Car-Hit-U law firm?

A lawyer cannot help you if he or she has had his or her law license revoked or suspended – or he or she is otherwise disbarred.

A lawyer cannot help you if he or she is in prison.

On the civil side of things, a law firm cannot effectively protect you if the lawyers in that law firm are facing federal criminal charges and a likely – if not inevitable – ethical investigation and disciplinary action by the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission.

But that doesn’t mean that lawyers who find themselves in these kinds of trouble won’t try to keep your case – or try to stop you from seeking a second opinion by another lawyer or law firm.

If a lawyer is willing to break the law, they are willing to lie and try to trick you into believing you can’t fire them, switch lawyers, and get a new lawyer to represent you. For instance, they may lie to you by saying:

  • You need a reason to fire them and get a new lawyer.
  • You can’t change lawyers in the middle of a case.
  • You will waive your confidentiality if you get a new lawyer.
  • It’s too difficult to transition to a new lawyer.

If they tell you any of these things, don’t believe them because none of these absurd claims are legally true.

Make no mistake: You CAN fire a lawyer who can no longer properly protect you.

We can help people who have realized attorney Carl Collins III and 855-Car-Hit-U can no longer be their lawyer

If you are a client of Attorney Carl Collins III and you’re not sure where to turn, the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law can help you work through your concerns.

We are here to help you.

We have the high ethical standards you demand in a lawyer. Both myself and all the lawyers in this firm have spotless ethical records.

Importantly, four Michigan Auto Law attorneys have received the prestigious AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell® for the highest ethical standards and professional ability. They are: Steve Gursten; Larry Gursten; Lenny Koltonow; and Bobby Raitt. This honor is bestowed on only approximately 10% of attorneys.

We also have the experience and the fighting spirit necessary to protect you and your family.

At Michigan Auto Law, our entire practice is focused exclusively on helping people who have been seriously injured in car, truck and motorcycle accident cases. More than 98 percent of our lawsuits resolve in substantial settlements, because our focus is combined with an excellent trial record that defense attorneys pay to avoid, including the top-reported auto accident jury verdicts and settlements in Michigan.

Finally, because so many of our clients come from referrals by other attorneys, we have a proven lawyer transition plan.

Our same-day service will give you the peace of mind and security you’re looking for by matching you up with one of our experienced auto accident attorneys. Without missing a beat, we’ll get your file and get the necessary documents filed to make sure your legal rights are protected. Your rights to the No-Fault benefits and pain and suffering compensation you deserve shouldn’t be ignored and forgotten because of problems that others have created for themselves.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car or truck or motorcycle accident and you have lost faith in the lawyer whom you thought you could put your trust in, call us for a FREE consultation.

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