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Attorney Alison Duffy speaks at No-Fault Summit

May 2, 2019 by Steven M. Gursten

Alison Duffy Speaks At No-Fault Summit | Michigan Auto Law

Michigan Auto Law attorney Alison Duffy will be one of the scheduled speakers at the 6th Annual No-Fault Summit in Plymouth, Michigan on May 2, 2019.

The No-Fault Summit is sponsored by the Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) and co-sponsored by the State Bar of Michigan’s Negligence Law Section.

In her presentation, “How to Deal with Medicare and Medicaid Liens,” Alison will share her strategies and tips for how car accident lawyers can protect their clients and themselves from liens and financial penalties.

Specifically, in discussing her best practices for dealing with Medicare and Medicaid liens, Alison will address the following topics:

  • Effective communication with both Medicaid and Medicare is crucial because the penalties for ignoring liens from either entity are severe – ranging from lengthy delays to large fines.
  • There are important differences between the coverage provided by Medicaid and Medicare, the applicable laws and the rules pertaining to recovery rights that all auto accident attorneys must know.
  • Attorneys must know what issues and problems to watch for regarding Medicaid and Medicare eligibility, notification, condition payments and accounting for Medicaid and Medicare lien holders in settlement releases.

Additionally, attorney Alison Duffy will also share sample form letters for communicating with Medicaid and Medicare as well as step-by-step timelines for auto attorneys to resolve Medicaid and Medicare liens.

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