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Steve Gursten talks to Fox 2 Detroit about CO Poisoning at Hickory Hollow

February 11, 2019 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan attorney tells Fox 2 Detroit’s Dave Spencer about his lawsuit and that key evidence may be disappearing for Hickory Hollow tenants affected by the CO poisoning

Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten talks to Fox 2 Detroit about CO Poisoning lawsuit Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten told Fox 2 Detroit that rather than take action to protect its tenants from CO poisoning before they were injured – or killed – Hickory Hollow Cooperative and its owner, Huntington Management, did nothing.

But now that people have died and been injured – and the media has begun asking what’s happening – Hickory Hollow and Huntington Management have finally taken to action . . . in the middle of the night.

At 4am.

On rooftops.

In the dark.

In the middle of winter.

“Our concern is evidence is literally disappearing as we speak,” Gursten said.

These actions certainly raise the strong possibility that Hickory Hollow is now acting to minimize its liability and evidence of its negligent conduct.

Footage from the Fox 2 Detroit story show Hickory Hollow chimneys in various states of being dismantled and rebuilt. The footage also shows signs that the bricks from the dismantled chimneys – which are believed to be contributing factors to the cases of carbon monoxide poisoning that have occurred – are being hauled away.

“Nobody was looking for a very, very long time,” Gursten explained to Fox 2’s Dave Spencer in the video below.

Two Hickory Hollow tenants have already died from CO poisoning, and with up to 27 units affected, up to 50 people may have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, with several dozen at serious risk of permanent brain damage.

Gursten and attorney Gordon Johnson have filed a lawsuit on behalf of tenant Priscilla Jordan against both Hickory Hollow and its owner, Huntington Management.

To learn more, check out Steve’s blog post, “Steve Gursten files carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit on behalf of Hickory Hollow tenant.”

Steve Gursten talks to Fox 2 Detroit about CO Poisoning at Hickory Hollow

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