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Gursten teaches car crash lawyers on traffic collision injury lawsuits

May 3, 2018 by Steven M. Gursten

Nationally recognized Michigan auto accident attorney Steve Gursten will be speaking at American Association for Justice auto seminar on traffic collision injury litigation

Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten will talk about traffic collision litigation at the American Association for Justice's Jazz Fest Seminar in New Orleans
Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten during his recent presentation at the Kentucky Justice Association’s legal seminar, “A Day with Masters of the Plaintiffs Bar.”

This week, I’ll be presenting at the American Association for Justice’s Jazz Fest legal seminar to help attorneys win traffic collision injury lawsuits involving cars, trucks and motorcycles. The seminar will be this Thursday and Friday, May 3rd and May 4th in New Orleans, Louisiana.

During my nearly 25 years of practice as a car accident injury lawyer, I’ve seen a lot of changes in the way these kinds of traffic collision injury cases are tried. Somewhere along the way, it wasn’t enough for someone to be innocent, rear-ended, and hurt by a negligent driver. Lawyers started losing the clear liability traffic collision injury case. After 40 years of tort reform, insurance industry propaganda, the corrosive effect of lawyer TV advertising, and heightened jury mistrust and suspicion, it’s clear that car crash lawyers need to do more.

After 25 years in the trenches, trying these cases both in Michigan and around the country, I’ve been able to see first-hand what the challenges are that are facing car crash lawyers today.

It’s the results of this experience of what works and what doesn’t work that I will try to bring with me to this AAJ motor vehicle seminar.

The AAJ accurately describes the seminar’s agenda as being “tailored for the motor vehicle attorney.”

Topics that will be addressed by myself and the other attorney faculty members include:

  • Investigation and proving damages, causation and liability in major car crash cases
  • The challenges of proving traumatic brain injury
  • The importance of asking the right questions during jury selection
  • Proposed legislation and legal issues that arise in “ridesharing” cases
  • Strategies for using the defense’s crash reconstruction expert and defense medical examiner to bolster the car crash victim’s case

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