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Steve Gursten on winning trials at Kentucky Justice Association seminar

Gursten talks about “Winning Injury and Car Accident Cases at Trial” during his presentation at “A Day with Masters of the Plaintiffs Bar”

Attorney Steve Gursten presents at Kentucky Association for Justice's "A Day with Masters of the Plaintiffs Bar"

Too many lawyers shy away from pushing car accident cases to trial because they’re too difficult to win.

Well, it’s true that car accident cases are tough and trials do require a ton of work, but sometimes that’s what injury lawyers must do if they want to recover full and fair compensation for their clients.

Car accident trials are not impossible to win, if injury lawyers  just know what to do – and what not to do.

That’s the topic of my presentation, “Winning Injury and Car Accident Cases at Trial,” today at the Kentucky Justice Association’s seminar, “A Day with Masters of the Plaintiffs Bar.”

See you in Louisville.

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