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Attorney Steven Gursten speaks at AAJ on auto accident strategy

July 19, 2017 by Steven M. Gursten

Steve discusses ‘Maximizing Your Auto Accident Cases’ at the American Association for Justice annual meeting in Boston

I remember a conversation I had with my father before I began my own legal career as a lawyer focused on helping auto accident victims.

My dad was — and still is — a very successful and well-respected lawyer who owned his own law firm here in Michigan (which later became Michigan Auto Law). I was working at the time in New York for one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the nation. I had told my dad I was thinking of coming home to Michigan to practice law with him.

I’ll never forget what my dad said to me at the time. He said I couldn’t come home to practice law with him unless I really liked people and I really wanted to help them.

That advice has always stayed with me. More than anything, that has been the guiding philosophy for how we practice law. I am able to help people injured in serious auto accidents and their families get their lives back. The success we’ve had is based upon truly caring about people and trying to help them.

I also spend a lot of time teaching other lawyers how to litigate auto accident cases, as well as trucking and traumatic brain injury and trial techniques. I speak at seminars around the nation helping to educate attorneys.

I’ll be doing just that next week when I’ll be speaking on “Maximizing Your Auto Accident Cases” for the American Association for Justice’s Motor Vehicle Collision Litigation Group, at the AAJ annual convention in Boston.

Seminar targets strategy and tactics for increasing settlements and trial value for car crash cases

The AAJ is the nation’s largest association of advocates serving the needs of personal injury victims, with more than 50,000 lawyer members. I’m the current Chair-elect of the AAJ Traumatic Brain Injury Group, and a Past-President of the AAJ Truck Accident Litigation Group.

In my July 24 seminar presentation, “Maximizing Your Auto Accident Cases,” I will discuss strategies and techniques that can help lawyers better help their clients. These include winning strategies and tactics in automobile accident cases that can increase injury settlements and trial verdicts for their clients.

Some of the areas I’ll cover include:

  • Non-obvious but debilitating medical injuries that trial lawyers may be missing in their biggest car crash cases
  • Compelling evidence to prove long-term economic loss when the client can no longer return to his or her job after a bad injury
  • How fatigue can be proven and documented, and how evidence of it can be more persuasive than many other types of evidence
  • How new and widely accessible technology like fitness trackers can be used in a case
  • How a serious auto accident injury effects the entire family

The AAJ’s annual convention runs through July 22-25 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. For more information, visit www.justiceannualconvention.org/.

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