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Medical news for lawyers to lift car crash injury case value

March 31, 2017 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan Auto Law’s Steven Gursten shares how car crash injury attorneys can use recent headlines, medical breakthroughs at ‘Auto Crash Litigation 4.0’ legal seminar

Medical news car crash injury case value
At an upcoming seminar, Michigan Auto Law’s Steven Gursten will discuss how attorneys can protect their clients – and their clients’ cases – by using the recent headlines to show the full impact of injuries.

How can personal injury lawyers recover full and fair compensation for their injured clients after a serious car crash has occurred?

Michigan Auto Law attorney Steven Gursten will share how accident attorneys can use recent headlines and medical breakthroughs in his presentation, “New Discoveries That Add Settlement Value in Your Auto Cases,” at the 360 Advocacy’s “Auto Crash Litigation 4.0” legal seminar in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 2, 2017.

Steve’s goal for this program is to help lawyers who concentrate their own legal practices on auto accident litigation to better protect accident victims, to avoid undervaluing their own auto crash cases and to avoid “settling short.”

He will talk about how about attorneys can protect their clients – and their clients’ cases – by using the recent headlines to show the full impact of injuries. This science is often lost in an age where insurance companies are using settlement claims processing programs like Colossus to drive down settlements. Colossus claims software relies on personal injury attorneys to settle short.

Every time an accident attorney who is not familiar with the underlying medicine and fails to properly show the long-term impact of injuries, it drives down the value of settlements. The best thing an attorney can do when this happens is to try cases, which is what Steve emphasizes in this video:

Additionally, with “increased juror skepticism and cynicism” at historic levels (and getting worse all the time), Steve will talk about the power of demonstrative evidence to connect with jurors who don’t want to listen to lawyers.

What is ‘360 Advocacy,’ the host of this car crash injury seminar?

The 360 Advocacy Institute is a group that hosts legal conferences and seminars for injury plaintiff lawyers.

This advanced auto accident seminar — “Auto Crash Litigation 4.0” — was created in response to the new pressure tactics of the insurance industry, and to fill the vacuum in education and medical knowledge that exists among too many in the legal profession. This special advanced legal seminar has only one goal: Teaching lawyers how to better litigate motor vehicle accident cases.

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