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What are top tips for better car crash injury settlements?

March 30, 2017 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan Auto Law’s Steven Gursten will present, moderate on car crash injury cases at 360 Advocacy’s “Auto Crash Litigation 4.0” legal seminar in Las Vegas

Car Crash Injury Settlement Seminar

Attorney Steven Gursten

What are top tips that car crash attorneys and personal injury lawyers need to know to be more successful with car crash injury settlements and negotiations?

Michigan Auto Law’s Steven Gursten will be answering this important question during his presentation, “Settlement Tips and Negotiation in Car Crash Injury Cases,” at the 360 Advocacy’s “Auto Crash Litigation 4.0” legal seminar in Las Vegas on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Steve’s goal for the program is to provide lawyers with settlement and negotiation tips that will help them:

  • Get the insurance company’s defense attorneys to take their settlement numbers seriously.
  • Explore and leverage conflicts of interest on the defense side.

Steve will also talk about what lawyers need to know about Colossus claims-processing, computer software in order to protect their car accident clients from being “conned” into settling their cases  with “low-ball” defense offers.

Programs like Colossus have been responsible for a very real decrease in the value of car accident cases and for all personal injury cases. It’s been reported that 16 of the top 20 insurance companies, and 70 percent of the overall insurance industry use some type of claims assessment software to evaluate personal injury claims.

These computer programs work on the same principle: They track settlements of similar cases and personal injuries, then dictate to claims adjusters the very limited range within which they have authority to settle cases for.

What is the goal of 360 Advocacy in hosting car crash injury seminar?

“Auto Crash Litigation 4.0” is sponsored by 360 Advocacy, which hosts legal conferences and seminars for personal injury attorneys. The group was formed in response to the pressures and tactics of the insurance industry and to fill the vacuum in education that exists in teaching lawyers how to better litigate in specialized areas, such as car crash injury and accident cases.

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