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Statistics: How many bicycle accidents are there in Michigan?

October 26, 2016 by Steven M. Gursten

The latest bike-motor vehicle crash numbers are in from the Michigan State Police and shed light on dangers for cyclists


I recently wrote about the things I wish Michigan bicyclists knew about preventing injury in case of a serious bike crash with a car. One of the safety tips I shared as a bicycle accident lawyer was to let a loved one know you’re going out for a spin if you’re riding solo, so there’s someone who knows your whereabouts.

Even when it’s a short ride close to home, the chances of a bicycle accident are unfortunately always a reality.

Just how dangerous is biking here in Michigan?

Here are the latest numbers from 2014-15 for all reported Michigan bicycle accidents from the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Facts.

Total Michigan bike accidents: There were 1,763 bicyclists involved in motor vehicle crashes in Michigan.

Fatal Michigan bike accidents: There were 21 fatal crashes involving bicyclists and 21 bicyclists killed on Michigan roadways.

Michigan bike injury accidents: A total of 1,378 bicyclist injuries in 1,367 crashes were reported by police on traffic crash records.


Bicycle accidents by sex: Male bicyclists (1,337) were involved in more bicycle crashes than female bicyclists (370), with 19 male bicyclists killed and two female bicyclists killed. Gender was not reported for 56 bicyclists in crashes.

Direction in fatal bike accidents: Police reported that 10 of the bicyclists killed (47.6%) were “going straight ahead” just prior to crash.

Time of day in bike accidents involving motor vehicles: In motor vehicle crashes, 1,401 bicyclists were riding in daylight conditions, 32 were riding during dawn, 45 were riding during dusk, 189 were riding in dark lighted conditions, 85 were riding in dark unlighted conditions, and 11 bicyclists were riding in unknown lighting conditions. The peak hours for bicyclist involvement in accidents were from 5:00-5:59 p.m., with 192 bicyclists involved. The peak hour for bicyclist fatalities was from 9:00-9:59 p.m., with three deaths.

Drunk driving bicycle accidents: Of the 21 bicyclists killed, five (23.8%) were involved in crashes where someone was drinking of of those, two (40%) of those bicyclists had been drinking.

Ages of bicycle accident fatality victims: There were no bicyclist deaths for children under 11 years olde. There was one (4.8%) bicyclist killed in the 11-15 age group. Teen/young adults (ages 16- 20) accounted for one (4.8%) of the bicyclist fatalities. Adults ages 21-64 accounted for 16 (76.2%) of the bicyclist fatalities. There were three (14.3%) fatalities in the 65 and over age group.

Image: Michigan Traffic Crash Facts

Source: Michigan Traffic Crash Facts by the Michigan State Police

For more information on how to protect yourself, please take a look at our Michigan Auto Law blog posts on  what happens when you’re injured in a Michigan bicycle accident and the six most common types of bicycle accidents.

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