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Who pays my medical bills after I am hit by a truck in MI?

August 17, 2016 by Steven M. Gursten

Here’s how Michigan’s No Fault insurance law covers reimbursement of medical bills and injury-related medical expenses after a truck accident


As I discussed in my blog post about how a truck accident victim can receive lost wages for time off of work while healing from injuries, being involved in any kind of crash involving a large semi-truck can be very serious, if only because of the physics of being involved in a crash with a vehicle much greater weight and size. Here’s how Michigan’s auto No Fault insurance laws work, and how they will pay medical bills incurred for a person who has been hit by a truck and has suffered personal injury, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and back injuries. It’s probably the most urgent and pressing question I get as an attorney when I talk with people in the traumatic aftermath of a truck crash, because people are very concerned about how they will pay for all of their medical bills, especially if their injuries have disabled them from working.

But rest assured, if you have No Fault auto insurance, your medical expenses will be covered.

Many people who are injured in car or truck accidents in Michigan but who live out of state or even in Canada will also be covered. An experienced truck accident attorney can quickly take a look at your insurance policies and easily tell you where to pursue payment of your medical bills. Feel free to call Michigan Auto Law at 800-777-0028 for a free review today. We’re here to answer all of your questions, and there’s no charge.

Truck accident medical expense reimbursement under the Michigan No Fault law

Under the Michigan No Fault law, a truck accident victim can be reimbursed for all accident-related medical expenses.

This includes therapy, your hospital stay, follow up visits and surgeries. It even includes mileage incurred to and from medical appointments, and the costs to make your home and vehicle handicap accessible.

In addition, the No Fault act provides for a service called attendant care, which is 24-hour, in-home nursing care.

Dependent upon the type of insurance coverage involved in your crash, and whether your own auto No Fault insurance includes coordinated benefits or full benefits, the answers might change slightly. Coordinated benefits pay all expenses not covered by your basic health insurance. Full benefits pay all medical expenses incurred, even if those are paid by a health insurance provider. Your No Fault medical benefits are usually paid out by your own No Fault auto insurance company in Michigan.

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