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What Macomb County intersections have the most car accidents?

Our attorneys’ top 10 list of the areas in Macomb County where you’re most likely to be involved in a crash

Macomb County is the third most populated county in Michigan, but it has some of the highest numbers of automobile and truck accidents in the state. This may not be news to Macomb County residents who are familiar with the congested traffic from the miles and miles of shopping, strip malls, restaurants and some of the fastest growing suburbs in Michigan. The construction popping up seemingly everywhere this summer will likely make things worse.

Today Michigan Auto Law is sharing the Macomb County intersections that had the most car accidents in 2015. Our attorneys worked with (and would like to thank) the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit, which collects police reports from local law enforcement, to identify the high-crash intersections in Macomb County. This data includes any road or intersection that has a traffic signal, four-way stop or roundabout.

Check out the list below to see if you drive through any of these areas, and make sure to use more caution if you do:

Top 10 Macomb County intersections with the most reported car accidents in 2015

Rank Intersection Total Crashes
1 11 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue
Warren/Center Line
2 18 ½ Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Heights
3 Hall Road/M-59 and Schoenherr Road
Shelby Township/Sterling Heights
4 Metropolitan Parkway/16-Mile and Mound Road
Sterling Heights
5 Hall Road/M-59 and Romeo Plank Road
Clinton Township/Macomb
6 11 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue
7 Metropolitan Parkway/16 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Heights
8 12 Mile Road and Mound Road
9 Hall Road/M-59 and Garfield Road
Clinton Township/Macomb
10 Hall Road/M-59 and Hayes Road
Macomb/Shelby/Clinton Township

Source: Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit

Note: 2015 data is still considered preliminary

*Intersections include any accident that occurred within 250 feet of any intersection including turnarounds and on/off ramps to highways.

Before our auto accident attorneys do a deeper dive into some of the specific intersections listed above and based upon the actual cases we’ve helped accident victims with, please note that these locations involve total motor vehicle accidents. It does not take account of whether someone was injured, how serious any reported personal injuries were, or reported motor vehicle accident fatalities. There may be some areas, such as roundabouts, that have high numbers of car accidents but fortunately very few injuries.

No. 1: Van Dyke Avenue and 11 Mile Road – Warren/Center Line

The Macomb County intersection with the most car crashes in 2015 is a busy area with on/off ramps to I-696. The intersection had an increase in accidents from 121 to 131 in 2015, with 27 of those resulting in injuries. Van Dyke also shows up frequently on the top 10 list, so please use caution in this area.

No. 2: Van Dyke Avenue and 18 ½ Mile Road – Sterling Heights

The second intersection in our attorneys’ list is a roundabout. This is a congested area, as M-53/Van Dyke traffic is exiting onto the roundabout near the Ford Van Dyke plant. But as with many roundabouts, we see a low number of injuries (18) – a much lower percentage of total crashes versus the 29% average we see for traditional intersections statewide. Macomb County drivers will be seeing even more roundabouts popping up in 2016. For more information on existing and proposed roundabouts in your area, please take a look at our Roundabout Resource Center.

No. 3: Hall Road/M-59 and Schoenherr Road – Shelby Township/Sterling Heights

With high speeds come more car crashes. And Hall Road is one of the highest speed limit stretches of pavement in the county. When reviewing the above list, this busy highway shows up in four of the top 10 spots for overall crashes. Since both Hall and Schoenherr are divided highways, our accident lawyers added up the crashes that occurred at all four intersecting points along the intersection with traffic lights.

No. 4: Metro Parkway (16 Mile Road) and Mound Road – Sterling Heights

Metro Parkway and Mound Road is another intersection where both roads are divided highways. There were 10 crashes last year at this corner. With a 50 mph speed limit and four lanes, Mound Road should be navigated with caution, especially when crossing 16 Mile Road.

No. 5: Hall Road/M-59 and Romeo Plank Road – Clinton Township/Macomb

Unfortunately, the intersection that had the most reported injury accidents in the state for 2015 was in Macomb County along Hall Road. With WalMart and numerous other retailers in this area, coupled with a 50 mph speed limit along both roads, the intersection had 42 injuries last year – the highest of any intersection in Michigan. With a total of 94 car accidents, including those with vehicle damage only, that means close to half of those resulted in injuries. This area is also only a few miles from last year’s top intersection for injury accidents – Cass Avenue and Groesbeck Highway.

Please keep checking back as we continue our blog series on 2015 intersections with the most car accidents, by county and larger cities throughout Michigan.

What do you think? Why are there so many automobile accidents in Macomb County?

Visit our Michigan Dangerous Intersections page for a complete list of intersection car crashes that can be searched by any Michigan city or county, and our list of Michigan’s 2016 Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections.

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