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What’s your auto accident case worth? Michigan Auto Law launches new interactive tool

May 16, 2016 by Steven M. Gursten

Learn the potential settlement value from your automobile accident lawsuit and your legal remedies, as our attorneys share factors that determine value of a lawsuit or insurance settlement from both the insurance company and personal injury lawyer perspective

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Everyone who has been seriously hurt in any car wreck wonders what they can do and what their legal rights are if they can’t go back to work or are incurring medical bills. And if they’re hurt because of the carelessness of another driver, there’s one more key question:

“What’s my injury worth?”

To help answer this common question, our auto attorneys have developed a new, interactive online tool to calculate the potential settlement value of an injury from any automobile accident. The guide will also help determine if you really need to hire a lawyer and if you will need to file a lawsuit (Hint: often you won’t, as many claims, such as the mini tort case can be easily handled without the need to hire an injury lawyer).

You can determine your potential case value here:

What is your auto accident case worth?

After answering a few short multiple choice questions, you will receive an evaluation.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions for people have who have been injured in car wrecks, including:

  • How the state and often the county where the crash occurs matters more than any other factor.
  • Factors that claims adjusters use to determine how much an auto case is worth.
  • How insurance companies determine the settlement value of a case.
  • What to do if the insurance company is calling shortly after an automobile accident with a settlement offer.
  • Qualifications of an experienced, licensed local auto accident attorney who can help determine case value (if your case worth cannot be quickly determined using the interactive guide).

What to do when you get a call from the other driver’s insurance company?

I always say the short answer to this question of “What’s my case worth?” is probably a lot more than what the other driver’s insurance company is offering. In fact, it was claims adjusters – who are now being financially incentivized to quickly contact accident victims before they hire an experienced auto accident lawyer – that led to the development of this interactive tool.

The insurance companies have discovered that they have to pay far more when a person is represented by an attorney than they do if they can contact an accident victim shortly after the wreck occurs. So insurance companies in many states that still allow this, such as Michigan, are aggressively trying to contact people. Many other state have stopped this practice entirely, calling this the Unauthorized Practice of Law because. For instance, in the state of Washington, claims adjusters were misrepresenting the actual auto law, and not informing people of their important legal rights, such as underinsured motorist claims, that were being extinguished by early settlements.

With this new tool, our attorneys hope to level the playing field.  We have provided you with some of the key factors insurance companies use when deciding upon the potential settlement value of an auto accident case, whether that’s before you hire an attorney or for one that’s already in a lawsuit.

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