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Michigan Auto Law attorney Steven Gursten to moderate and speak at Auto Crash Litigation 3.1 Conference

March 24, 2016 by Steven M. Gursten

Gursten will speak on “Settlement and Negotiation Strategies in Auto Accident Cases” April 3-4, at the advanced auto crash legal seminar in Las Vegas

Attorney Steven Gursten
Attorney Steven Gursten

I’ll be moderating and speaking at the 360 Advocacy group’s Auto Crash Litigation 3.1 legal conference.

This will be my third year serving as moderator and speaker at this advanced auto accident legal seminar. The conference is April 3-4, 2016 at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s a fantastic learning tool for lawyers, and despite being an advanced seminar for experienced auto accident attorneys, the conference still gets larger each year.

When helping to put together the conference and select the speakers, I try to put together a program with only one goal: To teach injury attorneys from across the U.S. how to get better results for their clients who are injured in motor vehicle accident cases. We focus on cutting-edge legal strategies, such as this year, focusing on proving the defendant was texting or speaking on a cell phone.

The conference also focuses on advanced trial and negotiation/settlement techniques, teaching lawyers how to get more money for their clients.

Here’s a quick preview video I made about what this year’s conference will entail:

As in years past, this legal seminar is not to be considered your basic or even intermediate auto litigation conference. Auto Crash Litigation 3.1 is specifically about learning from the best attorneys in the business, and teaching attendees how to take your auto practice to the next level.

The faculty will show you how the right case preparation, discovery, settlement, mediation and trial can increase the value of all of your auto accident injury cases. They will help improve your negotiation skills and maximize your settlement amounts. Attendees learn how to take on the defenses that insurance lawyers and claims adjusters raise, how to find hidden layers of insurance, prove economic losses to increase your total jury verdicts and damages awards, plus other ideas and tips that will assure auto lawyers are getting the most for our clients.

For more information about the conference, and to register, click here.

In addition to moderating the seminar, I will be presenting on “Settlement and Negotiation Strategies in Auto Cases” the morning of April 3. During my talk, I will touch on one important steps that injury attorneys often miss: Exploiting conflicts of interest on the defense side; and exploiting these conflicts to put pressure on insurance companies, whether that be between defendants and their primary insurers, or between different layers of insurance or primary and excess/umbrella insurers.

The 360 Advocacy group hosts legal conferences and seminars for injury plaintiff lawyers. The organization was formed in response to the pressures and tactics of the insurance industry.

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