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What stretches of I-75 have the most car accidents in Michigan?

March 21, 2016 by Steven M. Gursten

In our attorneys’ list of the top 10 areas for automobile accidents on I-75, nine are in Oakland County

I75 car accidents

Interstate 75 has been called “Michigan’s Main Street,” and for good reason. I-75 is the busiest highway in the state. It runs approximately 396 miles.

But I-75 is also surprisingly accident-prone. And what may be most surprising is that many of the car and truck accidents on the highway occur as the it runs through Oakland County.

Michigan Auto Law would like to thank the Traffic Crash Reporting Unit of the Michigan State Police for its help in identifying which areas of I-75 had the highest number of automobile accidents for 2015.

Please make sure to drive with extra caution in the following road segments of I-75:

Michigan Auto Law

Top 10 I-75 road segment* auto accidents in Michigan for 2015

Rank Highway Segment Total Crashes
1 Southbound I-75 between Maple Road and Rochester Road
Troy/Oakland County
2 Southbound I-75 Between West 14 Mile Ramp and Maple Road
Troy/Oakland County
3 Southbound I-75 Between Lapeer Road North ramp and North Lapeer Road
Auburn Hills/Oakland County
4 Southbound I-75 Between 14 Mile ramp and 14 Mile Road
Troy, Madison Heights/Oakland County
5 Southbound I-75 between Dixie ramp and Dixie Highway
Springfield Twp/Oakland County
6 Southbound I-75 between Big Beaver ramp and Big Beaver Road
Troy/Oakland County
7 Northbound I-75 between Lapeer Road and Lapeer Road ramp
Auburn Hills/Oakland County
8 Southbound I-75 between 12 Mile Road and on ramp from 12 Mile Road
Madison Heights/Oakland County
9 Northbound I-75 between State Fair Street and West 8 Mile Road ramp
Detroit/Wayne County
10 Northbound I-75 between Stephenson Highway on ramp and Gardenia
Royal Oak/Oakland County

Source:  Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit

*Road Segments are defined as sections of a road as reported by law enforcement observation at the scene of an accident.  Segments can vary from less than 2/10 of a mile to up to 2 miles in length.

It may seem surprising that nine of the most dangerous road segments of I-75 are in Oakland County.

The reason these areas have the most crashes is because they have considerably higher traffic volume. Traffic volume, or the number of motor vehicles to travel on a specific road segment, is a strong contributor to overall motor vehicle crashes.

The infamous “I-75 curve” in Troy between Maple and Rochester Roads holds the No. 1 spot with 51 automobile accidents reported last year along that stretch of southbound I-75.

Less than a mile south of that area is the No. 2 spot, with 47 reported automobile accidents between the 14 Mile ramp and Maple Road.

That makes this the most dangerous two-mile stretch of freeway on all of I-75.

To alleviate some of the traffic congestion issues in this area, MDOT recently announced an I-75 expansion project in Oakland County with plans to add a lane north and southbound on I-75 from 8 Mile Road to M-59.  To read more about this multi-year project, here’s a recent article from The Oakland Press, “MDOT announces $127 million project to reconstruct, add lanes to I-75 in Oakland County.”

Driving on interstates, especially in congested traffic areas, is challenging for all of us.  These challenges increase when so many drivers are now driving distracted, texting, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or driving drowsy.  This infographic compares which of these drivers is the most dangerous.

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