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Attorney Bobby Raitt is Treasurer of the State Bar of Michigan Negligence Law Section

Bobby’s latest legal leadership role and how he plans to better protect auto accident victims

Robert Raitt

We’re excited to announce that Bobby Raitt, Michigan Auto Law partner and trial attorney with the firm for the past 24 years, has been recently elected the Treasurer of the State Bar of Michigan Negligence Law Section. Bobby is also a past-president of the Michigan Association for Justice.

The Negligence Section is the largest single section of the Michigan State Bar, composed of more than 4,300 personal injury lawyers from throughout the state.

In his new leadership role, Bobby plans to focus on preserving the No Fault insurance rights of Michigan residents and car accident victims, as well as protecting the right to jury trial through legislation and the court system. Fighting for the right to a jury trial is the group’s primary goal. Currently in Michigan, it may be called a “right,” but strong efforts from special interests such as the insurance industry and corporations challenge fair jury trials every day.


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