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What Michigan County has the most deer-car accidents?

November 18, 2015 by Steven M. Gursten


Last week, I blogged about the No. 1 thing drivers need to know about deer car accidents (Reminder: safety experts say do not “veer for deer.”  If a deer crosses driving your path, try to first slow down safely if you can, but it is better to hit the deer if you cannot avoid it).

Today I’d like to share the top 10 Michigan counties for deer-car crashes in 2014, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts – Michigan State Police.

County Deer-Car Accidents
1. Oakland County 1,750
2. Kent County 1,338
3. Jackson County 1,279
4. Lapeer County 1,153
5. Eaton County 1,077
6. Sanilac County 1,053
7. Clinton County 1,015
8. Montcalm County 968
9. Genesee County 964
10. Washtenaw County 952

We interviewed Capt. Michael Johnson of Michigan State Police for more insight as to why there are so many more deer-car accidents in Oakland County.

Here’s what Capt. Johnson had to say:

“Oakland County is growing so much. And in a lot of the county, there’s no hunting allowed. So the only natural enemy of the deer is the car. That’s a huge problem. In other communities where they’re able to hunt, they can reduce the population of their deer and there are less deer-car accidents.”

Capt. Johnson referred to the Rochester Hills Deer Management Advisory Committee, that’s dedicated to preventing deer car accidents through public safety outreach and initiatives like electric signs in high crash areas saying “Don’t veer for deer.” Stay tuned for my blog post next week on this committee and on deer accidents in Rochester Hills, which are also the highest for a particular Michigan city.

Michigan deer car accidents in 2014

Reported deer/vehicle crashes in Michigan decreased in 2014 to 45,690, from the 49,205 crashes in 2013, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts – Michigan State Police.

Of the total 45,690 reported vehicle-deer collisions, 42.4% (19,352) occurred during the fourth quarter of the year, i.e. during hunting season.

As a result of those collisions, 1,072 people were injured and six people were killed.

The highest number of reported vehicle-deer collisions occurred between 6:00 p.m. and 8:59 p.m., when 23.8% (10,857) vehicle-deer crashes occurred. So be even more on the lookout for deer in the evening.

Our attorneys would like to hear from you. Why do you think there are so many deer-car accidents in Oakland County, above all of the other counties? And are there areas that are worse than others as far as the deer population goes?

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