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Do you have an insurance company horror story?

How does your experience compare to the real clients we have profiled after being injured in a car accident?

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This is the last blog post rounding out our comprehensive series on our attorneys’ recommendations for the best and worst car insurance companies in 2015.

Every week for the past several months, we’ve been blogging in detail about each insurance company on our list, including the best auto insurance companies to the worst, and even in between.  Our attorneys also gave several tips on how to choose the insurance company to best protect you and your family.

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Our full guide includes more information on each insurer and tips on how to choose the insurance company that’s right for you and your family. You can order a hard copy of the guide or download it for your Smartphone.

Today, we would like to round out our series by reaching out to our readers for your feedback.

Do you have an insurance company horror story? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below or on our Michigan Auto Law Facebook page.

Our attorneys want to hear about your experiences, and we will share them in a subsequent blog post. Let’s not let these insurance companies get away with abusing any more Michigan families.

Also, if you have questions about your auto insurance policy, or if you’ve been in a car accident and your insurance company is mistreating you, feel free to call (800) 777-0028 to speak with one of our No Fault lawyers. There’s no cost or no obligation and we’re happy to help.

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