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How does Frankenmuth Insurance stack up on paying car accident claims?

Here are 3 reasons Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance made our attorneys’ list of the best and worst auto insurance companies


Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company offers customers a bit of a dilemma. It has high customer complaints if you ever get hurt and need to make a claim. But it also offers relatively affordable pricing.

So what do you do if you’re a consumer considering Frankenmuth while you’re shopping around for good insurance coverage?

To help you decide, our attorneys put together a guide to the best and worst auto insurance companies. Some insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate and Farm Bureau are really bad. But some of the insurers we considered aren’t so clear cut as far as good and bad — like Frankenmuth.

So we added Frankenmuth to a special section called “For your consideration.” That’s a nicer way of saying “meh,” which is not a very lawyerly way for us to speak. And this way, we can provide you with the facts we considered and then you can be the judge on whether Frankenmuth Insurance is worthy of your premium dollars.

Below you will find more information on Frankenmuth’s positives and negatives.

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  1. Complaints from Michigan consumers about Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company have increased. Consumer complaints against Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company increased 114% between 2007 and 2013, according to data gathered by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS). This one pains me, because in past years I was invited to Frankenmuth, Michigan to speak to a room of several hundred Frankenmuth claims adjusters. It was part of the Garan Lucow No Fault seminar and I was invited by my old friend Jim Borin (rest in peace, my friend) to give the plaintiff attorney’s perspective on the No Fault law and claims handling. Or, as I used to say, it gave me a chance to tell several hundred claims adjusters in Michigan everything I thought they were doing wrong. I guess based upon how complaints are increasing, these adjusters need to re-read the notes they took from my presentations.
  2. But the good news is that Frankenmuth Mutual auto insurance prices are generally among the least expensive in Michigan. When compared with Michigan’s other largest auto insurers, Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company’s auto insurance prices were the among the least expensive in 10 of the 16 major Michigan markets examined.
  3. Frankenmuth Mutual pays the second- highest percentage of premiums on claims. As an attorney, this is one of the key things I look at, and is also considered a good sign on why you should consider Frankenmuth. And among Michigan’s largest auto insurers, Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company paid the second-highest percentage of its premium dollars in claims for its auto-insurance customers, according to loss ratio data gathered by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS). For instance, for every premium dollar Frankenmuth Mutual receives from Michigan drivers, it pays out approximately $.71 in auto accident claims submitted by its auto-insurance customers.

Let our attorneys know how you feel. Do you have Frankenmuth auto insurance? How did Frankenmuth stack up when you needed to file a car accident claim?

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