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Care for a little ‘honesty’ with your auto insurance policy?

September 10, 2015 by Steven M. Gursten

Cracked’s hilarious video ‘If [Auto] Insurance Companies Were Honest’ rings true for auto accident victims: “We’re happy to pretend we’re helping you.”

Business fraud

They say that in every joke, there’s a kernel of truth.

If that’s accurate, then there’s a whole cornfield of truth in Cracked’s hilarious video, “If Insurance Companies Were Honest,” which satirizes the many contradictions and frustrations that consumers associate with purchasing and maintaining auto insurance.


Yesterday, we posted our blog post “Home-Owners auto insurance takes the money and runs … again” where we talked about Home-Owners’ shameful strategy of taking money for auto insurance coverage that Home-Owners knows – or should reasonably know – is unavailable, and then refusing to provide the coverage when a claim is made.

One of our readers related so much with our blog post that our reader shared Cracked’s auto insurance video with us – and, now, we’re sharing it with you. It’s only three minutes long and it’s well worth watching.

Here are a few zingers from the video, as spoken by an auto insurance “Super Hero”:

  • Auto insurance companies “don’t protect you from anything. We just give back a small portion of the money you were forced to give us. And we do this after something happens from which you could have used actual protection. … You’re welcome.”
  • “We’re happy to pretend we’re helping you.”
  • Auto insurance companies “will use every possible excuse to not pay for your accident even though that’s the opposite of the one thing you pay us for.”
  • “[R]egardless of whether we do the thing you pay us to do or we don’t do the thing you pay us to do, we promise to charge you more money from then on for even mentioning it to us, essentially, punishing you for using our service.”

What are you favorite zingers from the “If [Auto] Insurance Companies Were Honest”?


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