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Where are the Detroit intersections you’re most likely to crash?

Our attorneys share the most dangerous intersections in Detroit for fender benders and car accident injuries

Today our attorneys want to share the streets and intersections in Detroit that have the highest number of reported automobile accidents in 2014. Hopefully with this information, you and those you love can use extra caution when driving.

The first list you’ll see below has the locations where you’re most likely to be involved in an auto accident. These car accidents may be due to badly designed infrastructure or heavy traffic; but the good news is, they also usually include a large number of fender benders where no one was hurt.

Our second list includes auto accidents where a police officer noted an injury, or a death was recorded in a fatality investigation.

Both lists are based upon the latest data from the Traffic Crash Reporting Unit of the Michigan State Police.

Detroit Map - Dangerous Intersections

2014 Top 10 dangerous intersections in Detroit, Michigan for overall car crashes

Rank Intersection Total Crashes
1 Connor Street and Gratiot Avenue 32
2 Greenfield Road and West McNichols Road 26
3 Grand River Avenue and Lahser Road 25
4 Grand River Avenue and Southfield Service Drive 23
5 McGraw Street and Weir Street 22
6 Greenfield Road and Fenkell Street 20
7 Schaefer Highway and West McNichols Road 20
8 West Warren Ave and Southfield Service Drive 19
9 Greenfield Road and Joy Road 19
10 Greenfield Road and West 7 Mile Road 19

Source: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

2014 Top 10 dangerous intersections in Detroit, Michigan for injuries and fatalities only

Rank Intersection Total Crashes
1 Greenfield Road and West McNichols Road 11
2 Outer Drive and West Outer Drive/Vassar Drive 9
3 Grand River Avenue and Lahser Road 9
4 Conner Street and Gratiot Avenue 9
5 Telegraph Road and West McNichols Road 8
6 Dexter Avenue and West Davison Street 8
7 Hubbell Street and West McNichols Road 8
8 Chalmers Street and Seymour Street 7
9 Grand River Avenue and Evergreen Road 7
10 North M-10 and Wyoming/North M-10 ramp 7

Source: Michigan State Police – Traffic Crash Reporting Unit

Connor Street and Gratiot Avenue has retained its No. 1 position again in 2014 with the most car crashes in Detroit. This busy area near the Coleman A. Young Intersection Airport (formerly the Detroit City Airport) has held this unfortunate distinction for the past five years.

Although several other areas are coming in right behind it with high numbers. One of these is Greenfield Road and West McNichols Road, which had the second-highest number of overall car crashes, as well as the highest number of injury and/or fatality crashes.

As you can see from the map above, another area to watch out for is Greenfield Road, which showed up in four of the top 10 intersections.

Luckily, none of these Detroit intersections made it into the top 10 list for the entire state.

Please let our lawyers know what you think. Do you drive through any of these intersections? Why do you think they’re showing up on the list?

Meanwhile, Detroit is also at the center of a politically charged debate on how to provide residents with affordable  – and effective – No Fault insurance coverage in case of a car crash, as auto insurance rates in Detroit are among the highest in the nation. I’ve been an outspoken consumer advocate on this issue, as I believe it’s imperative that Detroiters have the proper auto insurance coverage to protect themselves in case of an accident with an uninsured driver (sadly, 50% of all drivers in Detroit are driving uninsured).

To learn more about local accident resources for this area, please take a look at our Detroit Local Resources page. You also may visit our Michigan Dangerous Intersections page for a complete list of intersection car crashes that can be searched by any Michigan city or county, and our list of Michigan’s 2016 Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections.

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