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The 2015 winners of our Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship

May 20, 2015 by Steven M. Gursten

South Carolina and Massachusetts student survivors earn the honor this year

We’re very pleased to announce the winners of our 2015 Michigan Auto Law scholarship.  This scholarship is personal to us. Our attorneys have been helping people injured in automobile accidents in Michigan for more than 60 years. Without question, some of the hardest, but also the most emotionally rewarding cases involve young people who’ve had to overcome life-changing obstacles caused by serious car and truck accidents.

Most often, the injuries are not truly “overcome,” but through aids and assistance, these young people can go on and pursue an education and rewarding careers.

Michigan Auto Law offers the Car Accident Injury Scholarship every year with a December 31 deadline. Here’s more information including eligibility and an application.

Meet our 2015 winners:

Alissa Grace – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ali Grace Photo

Alissa was well on her way to college life on the West Coast last summer when a collision with a Nissan Maxima changed her life forever. With only one week left before leaving for Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, she was run over and dragged in a parking lot, suffering numerous serious injuries that required six surgeries. Her plans for college that fall were replaced with hospital stays and rehabilitation for her shattered pelvis and broken ribs. Here’s what Ali had to say about her trying ordeal:

“I was hospitalized from  Aug 2014 to October 2014, which is pretty much the majority of the fall  semester in college. I didn’t want to fall behind, so I took up online classes while still confined to my bed.  I completed one of these classes when I was still in the hospital. I started here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for the Spring 2015 semester in the middle of January. I filed with Disability Services at the University and have access to a smaller bus that will pick me up at my dorm and cart me across campus. Each day is different, some days I have absolutely no pain at all, where as some it’s a huge struggle to get  up and go to class.”

The video below has more about Ali’s story:


We congratulate Ali on all her hard work to continue with her education with the obstacles she faces every day. Ali’s story is a strong reminder of how quickly an accident can completely alter your future — yet she’s faced this adversity head on.

Quintez Hill – University of South Carolina

Quintez Hill Picture

Our second winner suffered substantial injuries in an auto accident over a decade ago that changed his view of rehabilitation and how he chose his career. Quintez was only eight years old when he and his father were hit head on by an unconscious drunk driver in Anderson, South Carolina. He suffered several broken bones in his leg and a crushed ankle. With screws, plates and a rod in his leg, Quintez had months of healing to endure before even putting weight on his leg. He also could not live the same active life as many of the children around him. Said Quintez in his essay:

“The greatest influence of my career choice is due to my involvement in a car accident at a very young age. As a result of this accident, I had to stay in the hospital over a month’s time and found a new appreciation for medical providers. This experience has inspired me to ultimately provide great care to others in need. As a physical therapist, I will aim to dedicate monthly community volunteer hours, share my knowledge with future young generations and provide hope to low income students interested in being successful by offering free mentoring workshops. My ideal occupation is being a physical therapist for an athletic team or program to help athletes recover from injuries and protect their bodies from further damage. Although I went through a traumatic experience, I have refused to allow this to become an obstacle in obtaining my career goals.”

Click here to watch a video of Quintez’s interview with our own attorney Brandon Hewitt.

We wish Quintez continued success as he pursues his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. His story demonstrates that even accidents from years past can significantly impact someone’s life.

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