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What are the 10 roads in Michigan where you’re most likely to be injured or killed in a car accident?

Michigan Auto Law shares the list of the state’s top 10 most dangerous intersections

Every year, I try to share the areas in Michigan that have the highest number of car accidents. When we started this legal blog several years ago, part of the mission was to promote public safety, and we want to share this information so drivers know which intersections they should avoid.

The information comes from police UD-10 reports, which indicate if there is a car accident, vehicle damage and whether someone was injured or killed.

But the numbers can be misleading. At best, listing the total number of automobile accidents by a city or county only tells half the story.   For example, we found that  82% of all crashes last year resulted in vehicle damage without any reported personal injury or death involved. The majority of the car accidents reported are fender benders. There’s usually no hassle or long-term effect on our lives, other than a visit to a repair shop.

But what about the other 18% of car crashes in Michigan? The ones in police reports that do list an injury or fatality. And more importantly, what is it that makes these intersections so particularly dangerous?

With the help of some resourceful people at the Michigan State Police, today our lawyers are identifying the intersections in Michigan that had the most injury accidents in 2013.  These are the car accidents that list a reported injury or where a fatality occurred.

Here’s our list of what truly are the most dangerous intersections in Michigan:

  1. Cass Avenue and South Groesbeck Highway, Clinton Township, Macomb County, 26 car accidents
  2. Ford Road and Haggerty Road, Canton Township, Wayne County, 24 car accidents
  3. 44th Street Southwest and Byron Center Avenue Southwest, Wyoming, Kent County, 19 car accidents
  4. 44th Street Southeast and Eastern Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids, Kent County, 16 car accidents
  5. Ford Road and Lilley Road, Canton Township, Wayne County, 16 car accidents
  6. Highland Road and Teggerdine Road, White Lake Township, Oakland County, 15 car accidents
  7. 14 Mile Road and Schoenherr Road, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, 15 car accidents
  8. 15 Mile Road and Harper Avenue, Clinton Township, Macomb County, 15 car accidents
  9. Telegraph Road and West Huron Street, Pontiac, Oakland County, 15 car accidents
  10. 15 Mile Road and Ryan Road, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, 14 car accidents

Our attorneys would like to thank in particular the Michigan State Police and many local law enforcement agencies who cooperated and helped us make this list.  The list itself comes from all of the law enforcement agencies that use the State of Michigan UD-10 report form. The list of motor vehicle accidents above was compiled based upon completed UD-10 police reports for each reported crash. These numbers include all fatalities as well as injuries that were reported or were visible at the accident scene by law enforcement.

Of note, there are  plenty of roads out there with very heavy traffic volume, yet few accidents because of the design of the area and traffic flows. There are also roads that see lots of car accidents, but the majority only involve vehicle damage. The construction of roundabouts in many of these areas help to reduce the number and severity of injuries involved.  On the other hand, there are certainly  intersections with low traffic volume and where there’s a much higher correlation to car accidents that produce injuries and/or fatalities. These are the ones that the road engineers and MDOT need to be looking at and determining how we can make these roads more safe.

A closer look at Michigan’s most dangerous intersections

A Mount Clemens corner holds the top spot for injuries and fatalities at Cass Avenue and South Groesbeck Highway. Our attorneys highlighted some reasons this intersection may see so many accidents when it came up as the No. 1 spot for overall crashes in Macomb County with 90 accidents last year.  This corner saw a significant increase in accidents between 2012 and 2013, with almost double the number of motor vehicle accidents.  The number of injuries also went up from 11 in 2012 to 25 in 2013.

Anyone going through Canton is woefully aware of the No. 2 most dangerous spot at Ford and Haggerty Roads.  We received many comments from readers who travel through or avoid it at all costs. This area in past years has always made the top spot for all of Southeast Michigan with a high number of accidents.

Rounding out the No. 3 spot is a West Michigan intersection that also sees a large amount of traffic every day. The corner of 44th Street SW at Byron Center Avenue had 19 car accidents last year involving injuries or fatalities. As the main thoroughfare between 131 and Interstate 196, 44th street is full of many businesses and schools.  One possible contributor to the number of injuries is a left turn green arrow that comes before the green light – thus confusing many drivers who are used to a green arrow after the green light ends.

Want to learn about what to do  at the scene of an accident?  Visit our Car Accident Resource Center. You also may visit our Michigan Dangerous Intersections page for a complete list of intersection car crashes that can be searched by any Michigan city or county, and our list of Michigan’s 2016 Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections.

And we’d like to hear from you. Are you surprised by this list? Let us know what you think and if you’ve had to deal with an accident in one of these hot spots.

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