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Attorney Steven Gursten leads cutting-edge, advanced auto accident litigation seminar in Chicago

September 12, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

Attend  “Auto Crash Litigation 3.0” by the 360 Advocacy Institute, and you will learn from some of the best auto accident lawyers from around the nation

Auto Crash Litigation

Later this month, I’ll be moderating and speaking at the first ever advanced legal seminar for lawyers on the subject of automobile accident litigation. This cutting-edge legal seminar is called “Auto Crash Litigation 3.0,” and it will run September 28-29 in Chicago. It’s presented by the 360 Advocacy Institute.

This seminar has only one goal – to teach lawyers how to take an automobile accident case that might be worth X – because of the influence of Colossus and how insurance companies are now defending these auto cases – and teach lawyers how to turn that amount into Y. The goal is to truly help our clients by dealing with new tactics that insurance companies are using to keep auto accident settlements down, and to take advantage of the injured. Lawyers who attend this legal seminar will learn how to increase the settlement value of many of the most common injuries from automobile accident cases, such as herniated disks, traumatic brain injury, burns, spinal cord injuries and serious fractures.

“Auto Crash Litigation 3.0” will also have some of the top personal injury attorneys from across the country, sharing knowledge and litigation techniques on how to help lawyers better represent their clients. The experienced faculty will demonstrate how the right case preparation, discovery, mediation and trial preparation can increase the value of every auto case you have in your law office.

I will be moderating the seminar both days, and I will presenting throughout the conference. My topic will begin the seminar, and is titled “Teaching Attorneys How to Develop  a Cutting Edge Auto Accident Legal Practice in the 21st Century.”

I will touch on how injury lawyers can deal with new technology that insurance companies are using today to lower median settlement values. These computer claims software programs, like Colossus, are now commonly used by insurance adjusters to evaluate (low-ball) how much a case is worth and to lower settlement values in auto accident lawsuits. These claims software programs have dramatically lowered settlement values when lawyers aren’t experienced with such insurance company tactics.

In addition, I’ll cover new challenges, such as tort “reform,” the push toward national No Fault insurance, the politicization of the judiciary and the threat to judicial  independence in the age of Citizens United.

It’s important to stress that there’s no magic or shortcuts. This legal seminar is not meant to teach personal injury lawyers how to make as much money as possible. The goal is not to teach lawyers how to make$1 million on an auto case that isn’t worth it. Lawyers who attend just to learn how to make as much money as they can will be disappointed.

The goal of this legal seminar is to help people.  And I’ve found that the best lawyers are the ones who care about their clients and want to do their very best for them. This seminar will teach these lawyers how, by first exploring what insurance companies are doing to lower settlement values and then teaching the tactics to combat this.

The faculty includes:

  • Morgan G. Adams of Law Offices of Morgan Adams, Chattanooga, TN,
  • Daniel J. Buba of Law Offices of Doehrman & Chamberlain, Indianapolis, IN,
  • Joseph V. Camerlengo, Jr. of Camerlengo Law Group, Jacksonville, FL,
  • Aaron DeShaw of DeShaw Trial Lawyers, Portland, OR,
  • Richard Holmes of Holmes & Wiseley, Grand Rapids, MI,
  • Michael Leizerman of EJ Leizerman & Associates, Toledo, OH,
  • Marc Lenahan of Lenahan Law Firm, Dallas, TX,
  • Ken Levinson of Joseph, Lichtenstein & Levinson, Chicago, IL,
  • Dennis M. McCarthy of McCarthy Law Offices, Columbus, OH,
  • Tom Metier of Metier Law Firm, Fort Collins, CO,
  • Phillip Miller of Phillip Miller & Associates, Nashville, TN,
  • Kirk Morgan of Walker Morgan, Lexington, SC,
  • Gary B. Pillersdorf ofThe Pillersdorf Law Firm, New York, NY,
  • Robert L. Sachs, Jr. of Shrager, Spivey & Sachs, Philadelphia, PA,
  • Jason Studinski of Studinski Law, Stevens Point, WI,
  • Dianne Jay of Weaver, Weaver & Weaver, Jacksonville, FL, and
  • Myself.

The 360 Advocacy Institute is a group that hosts legal conferences and seminars for injury plaintiff lawyers. The group was formed in response to the pressures and tactics of the insurance industry and to fill the vacuum in education that exists in teaching lawyers how to better litigate in specialized areas, such as motor vehicle accident cases.

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