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Attorney Tom James to speak during American Association for Justice Annual Convention at Truck Accident Litigation Group

July 25, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

My truck accident lawsuit has been removed to Federal Court, now what?

Michigan Auto Law attorney Thomas James

Today, Tom James will be speaking on what attorneys litigating truck accident lawsuits should do when when they have a case that has been removed to Federal Court. He will be speaking during the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Annual Convention before the Trucking Accident Litigation Group.

Tom will be sharing practice tips on what to do once a case is removed and can’t get back to state court.  He will also cover the basics of signing up a truck accident case and litigation tips from intake to settlement or verdict as well as how lawyers handling these cases are also helping to promote safety on the roads for everyone.

The conference runs July 26-29 in Baltimore, Maryland.

In addition, I wanted to share a recent testimonial from one of Tom’s clients named Randall McElwain, who was hit by commercial truck while riding his bike in Lake Orion. It was a terrible truck-bike crash. This is what Randy had to say:

“I was riding a bicycle and a commercial F350 hit me head on. I’m lucky to be alive. I was seriously injured and while I was rehabilitating to return to the highest quality of life possible, I always had the confidence that my lawyer Tom James and Michigan Auto Law were going to protect my family’s interests to the fullest. Tom is warm and engaging. There was frequent and clear communication on the process, what they’re doing, what my expectations should be, and preparing me for what was coming next. When it came to negotiating my settlement, Tom held our ground and forced the highest settlement possible. Without hesitation, I would recommend Tom. Settling the case expediently has helped me move forward with my life and my pursuits.”

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