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What makes Michigan Auto Law different from so many other injury attorneys?

June 19, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

Michigan Auto Law attorneys

So many people I meet are wary of attorneys from the very start because other attorneys have abused their trust.

No one said it better than my own client, Dave O’Connor, who, announced when he came into my law office that he “hated attorneys!”

Like Mr. O’Connor’s lasting memories from his prior attorneys, so many people have a horrible image of lawyers, and, let’s face it, especially personal injury lawyers.

Much of the legal industry today is built around constant and intrusive interruption-based advertising through television, phone books and in and around Detroit, the ever-present personal injury billboards everywhere you look.

There are some attorneys who advertise like this and manage to do a very good job for clients, but they’re in the small minority. This type of attorney advertising is based upon an outdated business model that works on volume. The firms are case mills that, by their very structure can’t take cases to trial, can’t return phone calls, can’t listen and can’t help the accident victims who they’re entrusted with helping.

People are bewildered, and then get frustrated, and then get very angry. It’s no wonder people have chips on their shoulders when it comes to lawyers.

I’ve written before that we are on the cusp of a revolution in law. The advent of reviews and testimonials on sites like Avvo and Google means that the injury lawyers who always promise a case is worth x, and then settle it for y will, for the first time ever, start facing real consequences for their actions.

At Michigan Auto Law, we recognize with every single person we help, that to some extent we’re “tarred” by the same broad brush, at least at first. And we understand how disappointed so many people have been by other law firms who haven’t kept their promises and protected them like they said they would.

But we are different.

At Michigan Auto Law, we don’t advertise. Not on television, billboard or buses. We’ve been able to help people put their lives back together after serious auto accidents. Almost all of our cases come from all of the people we have helped, and from other attorneys throughout the state who see our work and our commitment to our clients.

Our commitment to outstanding service and proven results has led to two special awards in 2013-14:

  • Michigan Auto Law has been awarded a special “Clients’ Choice” award from Avvo for extraordinary client service in the legal profession.
  • Our attorneys have recovered the top-reported trial verdicts and injury settlements for car and truck accidents in Michigan Lawyers Weekly for the past 17 consecutive years.

But the truth is, the honors are not what’s important. It is what’s behind them that matters. True commitment to our clients.

These kind of results over many years don’t come without truly caring about the people we help.

At Michigan Auto Law, you will always be treated with the utmost care, dignity and respect. And you will receive the best possible legal results and representation.

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