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Can I get my vehicle damage covered by insurance in Michigan?

How the Michigan Mini Tort works, and how it will pay for  car damage

The most common question I get as an  auto accident attorney is, “How do I pay for my car damage?”

I probably answer this question at least once a day. The answer to getting your vehicle damage paid for is that the Michigan Mini Tort law allows you to recover up to $1,000 for auto accident-related vehicle damage from the insurance company of the driver who causes the crash.

This is called a mini tort claim.

Of course, most people have never even heard of the Mini Tort law until after they’ve been involved in a car accident and they’re faced with a dented bumper or other car damage.   So I’ve put together a simple infographic that shows, step by step, how the Michigan mini tort law works:

You do not need to hire an accident lawyer to help you recover your mini tort.  You can download a sample mini tort letter here. This is a letter to the No-Fault insurance company of at-fault driver (the driver who is at fault for causing the car accident) requesting the mini tort to repair your vehicle damage.

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