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Tips for plaintiffs lawyers on winning at trial

March 13, 2014 by Steven M. Gursten

From left: Attorneys John Romano, Steven Gursten and Gary Pillersdorf.
From left: Attorneys John Romano, Steven Gursten and Gary Pillersdorf.

This evening, I will be moderating the Michigan Association for Justice Trial Advocacy Evening Forum. This seminar is an opportunity for Michigan plaintiff personal  injury  lawyers to learn from two of the greatest attorneys and people I know about how to connect and show the true extent of their clients’  injuries.

The seminar is meant for all plaintiff attorneys, but there will be a heavy focus on representing people who have been injured in automobile accidents.

The Michigan Association for Justice seminar is called “The Best of the Best: Tips on Winning at Trial and Rebutting Defenses from Two of the Most Respected Lawyers and Entertaining Speakers in America Today” and will take place in Southfield. Attorneys John Romano, from the Romano Law Group in West Palm Beach, Florida and Gary Pillersdorf, from The Pillersdorf Law Firm in New York will be presenting.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with these two attorneys through my membership as part of TAOS Injury Lawyers, which is a group of some of the most highly regarded injury lawyers throughout the country.  At least once a year we meet and  roundtable cases and ideas on how to be better lawyers and better help our clients.   I represent the state of Michigan in this special, invitation-only group of lawyers.

Using our collective experience protecting accident victims, we have analyzed a number of complex injury cases that we’re  working on. Working with John and Gary over the years has added lot of value and great ideas to my own cases. I’ve also become friends with both over the years, and have tremendous affection for both as fantastic people.

In fact, Gary Pillersdorf, in addition to being one of the most respected trial lawyers in America, is also a magician, and my 10-year-old daughter absolutely fell in love with him last year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we were having our meeting. Gary actually found a magic store in town and sat down with my daughter and left her absolutely amazed and spell-bound for hours. My daughter will be “co-moderating” the seminar with me tonight, and Gary is bringing some special magic tricks from New York to entertain her while John Romano is presenting. It is this type of generosity of spirit and kindness that makes these lawyers so special.

Together, we’ve spoken together at several legal seminars, including the Florida Association for Justice Workhorse seminar two weeks ago in Orlando.   I have a great deal of respect for each of these lawyers, having seen first-hand how their work helps accident victims and how brilliant they are in trial.

I know the members of the Michigan Association for Justice will benefit tremendously  from their presentation tonight.

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